Council supports the completion of the River Walk Upgrade

Published on 07 May 2024


In 2016, the Yarra Ranges Council collaborated with a People’s Panel in Yarra Glen, investing approximately $1 million from the sale of 39-41 Bell Street.

The People’s Panel, comprising 12 community members representing Yarra Glen, identified two projects for the funds. Around 90% of the funds were allocated to constructing the Yarra Glen River Walk, with an additional $100,000 from the Transport Accident Commission, bringing the total budget to $1,100,000.

The project included:

- Building a pedestrian underpass beneath the Yarra River Bridge on the Melba Highway
- Upgrading existing paths and adding new ones along the Yarra River
- Installing outdoor fitness equipment and a drinking fountain
- Designing signage with input from the Yarra Glen community
- Upgrading the canoe launching area and fishing spot

The remaining 10% was earmarked for renewable energy projects to meet the energy needs of Yarra Glen.

Upon completion, nearly $100,000 remained, allowing for additional works to improve trail safety and drainage. This involves widening and leveling trails, enhancing drainage, and relocating furniture and fencing to improve safety.

Fiona McAllister, Ryrie Ward Councillor, expressed satisfaction with the project's realisation, emphasising the importance of community involvement in decision-making regarding fund allocation for local improvements.

"The Yarra Glen River Walk's transformation into reality highlights the significance of community engagement in determining how funds are utilised for local enhancements"

"The discovery of surplus funds underscores the necessity of further enhancing the Walk, particularly in terms of drainage and safety features. Prioritising trail safety and drainage improvements, including widening paths, resurfacing, and installing safety barriers, will not only elevate residents' overall experience but also ensure a secure environment for all trail users,” said Cr McAllister.