Council Meeting Recap - 14 March 2023

Published on 16 March 2023


Please find below a summary of the outcomes from the items that were discussed at Tuesday night's Council Meeting.

To view each agenda item in full, please visit our Council Meetings webpage. Minutes from the meeting will also appear here later in the week.


Item 10.1 - YR-2022/1106 - Hereford Road, Mount Evelyn - Planning Report 

This item was withdrawn from consideration at this particular Council meeting.


Item 10.2 - YR-2020/807 - 41 Monbulk Road Mt Evelyn - Planning Report

This planning application sought to use and develop the land at 41 Monbulk Rd, Mt Evelyn for a service station, including a convenience shop with a drive through, six fuel pumps and other amenities. Council unanimously decided to refuse the planning application. The decision was made following tabling of a secondary report by the community that highlighted concerns around traffic, fumes and the impact on the health of children at a neighbouring school.


Item 10.3 - Amendment C210 - 1 Montrose Road, Montrose - Consideration of Panel Report and Adoption of Amendment

The ‘Alta Dena’ property at 1 Montrose Road, Montrose, was given heritage status after Council endorsed planning amendment C210. There was an alternate motion made however, to ensure that five major trees on the site, that were part of the original development, would be protected for the future as part of the heritage status.


Item 10.4 - CT7221 Sustainable Street Lighting Stage 3: Standard Lighting Installation and Light Supply 

Council approved a contract for the supply and installation of streetlighting. This is stage three of Council’s Sustainable Streetlighting Program which involves the upgrade of standard streetlights to energy efficient LED lighting.

More than 7,000 Council streetlights have been replaced through the program so far, with cumulative savings of $2.5 million and an average reduction of 3,000 tonnes of carbon emissions as a result.

The program is being funded through Department of Transport, and State Government and Ausnet rebates.


Item 10.5 - CT6729 Civil Design & Associated Services Council Evaluation report 

Council approved the panel arrangement for its Civil Design and Infrastructure Services, which will support the delivery of Council’s capital works program for a range of projects including drainage, footpaths, trails, road improvements, streetscapes and more. The panel also includes a number of local contractors.


Item 10.6 - Municipal Association of Victoria - State Council Meeting

Councillors also endorsed motions to be submitted for consideration at the MAV State Council Meeting on 19 May 2023. The MAV State Council meets twice per year, providing an opportunity for councils to push for issues they believe deserve advocacy at a State level. Those motions involve support for councils to implement changes to environmental health legislation, and advocacy on behalf of the sector to address the significant shortage of planners.