Community feedback to drive future improvements in Yarra Junction

Published on 06 September 2023


Yarra Junction community members are being invited to share their vision for the future of the town, as Council seeks feedback to help inform the future draft Yarra Junction Place Plan.

The feedback received from the community during the consultation phase will influence future developments and projects for the township, which is an important service centre in the Upper Yarra.

Yarra Ranges Mayor and O’Shannassy Ward Councillor, Jim Child, said that the first stage of consultation would be an exciting opportunity for the community to be a part of.

“We want to know and understand what the community values and what they would like to see prioritised in Yarra Junction for the future,” Cr Child said.

“This consultation gives us the chance hear about how the community are feeling about Yarra Junction, and what issues and opportunities they may identify to help improve the township.

“By starting with a broad consultation we can really get a feel for what the community values and what they want us to prioritise, and from there we can start diving into more of the specifics as the various phases of consultation progress.”

Following the first stage of consultation, where community members will be asked to provide notes, ideas and photos to help identify the issues and opportunities for the area, a community reference group will then be created to work with Council on creating a set of actions to plan out future projects or advocacy opportunities.

These actions will then become part of a draft Yarra Junction Place Plan, which would go back out to the community again once more for feedback.

“I strongly encourage the Yarra Junction community to have a think about what improvements they would like to see made to Yarra Junction, and to let us know by either visiting our website or by seeing us in person at one of our pop-up sessions,” Cr Child said.

“We’re also welcoming invitations from community groups in Yarra Junction who would be interested in having us come along to one of their meetings.”

Community members have until 8 October to provide their input.

For more information on the consultation and to provide feedback, please visit