Community encouraged to take part in waste services survey

Published on 14 May 2021


Yarra Ranges Council is encouraging the community to provide feedback on its current waste services, to help shape a new community waste plan.

Feedback received may change how, and how often, Council collects waste in Yarra Ranges, with the State Government driving a new waste and recovery system to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

All Victorian councils will be tasked with incorporating a new bin system to make this happen, which will change the way Victorians use their bins in the coming years.

By 2030, councils will have a bin system that separates waste into four areas:

  • Landfill waste (red lid)
  • Recyclables (yellow lid)
  • Food and garden organics (lime green lid)
  • Glass (purple lid or a local drop-off service)

While Council is starting to plan for the rollout of this new bin system, it’s wanting to hear from the community on topics such as frequency of bin collections, the size of bins on offer and hard waste services.

This is to make sure that any changes to Council’s waste services suit the community’s needs.

Council is looking to start changing its bin system in late 2023, which is when its current waste service contract expires.

The switch to a new bin system will mean that food waste will be diverted away from landfill, while recyclable materials such as paper, hard plastics and glass will be better sorted and more easily turned into new items.

This also coincides with the State Government’s Container Deposit Scheme starting in 2023, where community members will be able to drop off plastic and glass drink containers and receive a small payment.

For more information on the community waste survey, or to participate, visit

The survey will close Sunday 6 June 2021.