Celebrate Biodiversity Month by joining our Biodiversity Blitz

Published on 01 September 2021

Yarra Ranges Council is partnering with eight councils to see who can record the most species in iNaturalist during Biodiversity month. By participating you’ll learn about local plants and animals, be contributing to citizen science and show the world the amazing flora and fauna found in the Yarra Ranges.

Councils taking part are Greater Dandenong, Casey, Monash, Kingston, Knox, Frankston, Shire of Mornington Peninsula and Cardinia Shire.

How to participate:

  1. Download the iNaturalist app on your phone or create an account at iNaturalist.ala.org.au
  2. Join the Yarra Ranges Biodiversity Blitz 2021 Project
  3. Head outdoors between 1st and 30th September and take photos of flora and fauna and upload them to iNaturalist. Your observations will automatically be added to the Yarra Ranges project.

If you’ve never used iNaturalist you can watch a short video or attend our upcoming iNaturalist for Beginners webinar - details below.

We will be awarding a prize to the person who contributes the most species and the person who contributes the most entries to the Yarra Ranges project.

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