Business and Trader Group-led Recovery Grants

The unprecedented financial, mental and social costs of the pandemic and severe storm events have taken their toll on Yarra Ranges businesses and townships. To assist in the recovery of our communities, Yarra Ranges Council is introducing Business and Trader Group-Led Recovery Grants.

Community-led recovery is key to the revitalisation of our unique region, and this funding aims to support our businesses in the important role they play in our townships and across the municipality.

Council is keen to support the creation of new groups, as well building the capacity of existing groups to successfully create positive change in their areas.

Business and Trader Groups create networking opportunities for local businesses to connect and learn from each other. In addition, working collectively can have a greater impact with other stakeholders and open-up access to more funding and grant opportunities. A united voice can increase a township marketability, visibility, and credibility.

Mayor Jim Child recognises the unique role Business and Trader groups have in a community.

“Being a part of a networking or trader group is a terrific opportunity to get involved, and really advocate for your business community. We’ve certainly learned over the last two years just how important our local businesses are and how valuable being able to connect and support each other is.”

“Council values our relationship with our trader groups and business networks. They’re a vital voice into what our communities and business need,” he said.

The objective of the grants is to encourage and revive local businesses, organisations, and industries to operate and trade in line with broader new economic trends, whilst improving robustness to future shocks.

Council has a dedicated Trader Group Officer who can assist new businesses in connecting into existing groups or help support the creation of new networks.

The funding application process opened May 16. Townships will be eligible for up to $15 000, which can be applied to more than one project. Applications close June 13.

Click the link below for information on a group's eligibility, project suggestions and to apply. Alternatively you can email or call 1300 368 333 and ask to speak to the Business and Trader Group officer.

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