Beresford Road reconstruction and install of Traffic Lights complete

Published on 05 October 2023

Cr Heenan Beresford Rd.jpg

Moving around Lilydale is now safer and more accessible thanks to a newly installed set of traffic lights at the Olinda Creek Bridge Crossing on Beresford Road.

Funded in partnership with the Lilydale Revitalisation Board, the installation of pedestrian signals contributes to a larger project by Yarra Ranges Council which has included road reconstruction works at Beresford Road, from Cave Hill Road to Creek Road Bridge.

Improvements include:

· Removal of the existing pedestrian refuge island

· Installation of pedestrian operated traffic signals.

· Two pedestrian traffic light buttons, one for horse riders at a rider height and one for pedestrians

· New line marking and signage

· LED street lighting to improve visibility for road users

· Advanced warning lights at Clarke St, Lilydale

· Improvements to the kerbs and drainage

Billanook Ward Councillor, Tim Heenan said this project marks the most recent achievement of the Lilydale Revitalisation Board.

“These projects make a real difference to local residents and businesses, supporting Lilydale to be an inclusive, diverse community and a great place to live,”

"Council places great importance on supporting our residents to get active and we know that we need to plan for things like easier movement throughout the Lilydale area. The additional road renewal and signalisation of the pedestrian crossing further strengthens links to Lilydale and ensures that trail users of all ages and abilities can safely and confidently continue their journey along the trail.”

The Lilydale Township Action Group (LTAG) has been part of Council’s consultation on the installation of the signalised crossing and LTAG president, Neal Taylor said it was exciting to see projects being delivered as part of the Lilydale Revitalisation Board funding.

"It's great to see this hit the ground as we know that there’s a lot of families and children using the trail through the week and on weekends, and by improving the crossing, everyone can feel safe and confident while using it.

This project is financially supported by Yarra Ranges Council and Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions.