A message from the outgoing Mayor, Fiona McAllister

Published on 12 November 2021

Councillor Fiona McAllister standing in front of an office setting.

With an incredible year starting to wind up, so too is my term as Mayor of Yarra Ranges.

After being elected to the role in November last year, Tuesday 9 November marked the end of my second term as Mayor.

Of all the years I’ve been in the Yarra Ranges – and my nine serving as Councillor – I don’t think we’ve many as tumultuous or challenging as the past year.

We’ve of course been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, finding a way to stay connected with our loved ones near and far; finding ways to adapt to the challenges, stay safe and stay afloat.

We were also at the epicentre of one of the largest storms to ever hit the state, an event that we’re still reeling from and will be working for many years to recover from.

Once again our incredible community has come together and supported each other during difficult times. The team at Council, who have been so directly affected as well by all thrown our way this year, have also found so many new ways to listen, support and respond throughout the year. My heartfelt thanks to all.

Whilst it has been a tough year, I have greatly enjoyed my time as Mayor and have felt extremely proud to represent the communities of Yarra Ranges.

With so much going on and so many challenges to juggle, including home schooling and virtual Council meetings, I felt very supported by community, my fellow Councillors and the staff at Yarra Ranges. We’ve achieved so much together and the kindness, compassion and commitment I have seen time and time again has moved me and made me so proud.

I’d like to congratulate Cr Child and Cr Skelton as our new Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Yarra Ranges. With the history, experience and understanding that Cr Child carries and the enthusiasm, dedication and insight that Cr Skelton brings with her, I know that Yarra Ranges Council is in good hands for the coming year.

We have a big few years ahead as we work to recover and thrive and from here I return to my role as Ryrie Ward Councillor, representing the communities in the Yarra Valley and Yarra Ranges. 

Ryrie Ward Councillor Fiona McAllister