Local law review

Submissions closing on 08 July 2020, 11:59 PM

Aerial view of a street
Council is inviting community members to share their thoughts on the draft local laws, which proposes new rules to better protect neighbourhood amenity.
The Neighbourhood Amenity Draft Local Law (2020) is a refresh of Council’s local laws, which must occur every ten years.
Major changes proposed in the new local law, based on internal review and community feedback, include:
  • Changing the maximum amount of cats and dogs people can own without a permit to be based on property size (up to two cats and dogs for properties of 2000 square metres or smaller, up to three of each for properties of 2000- 4000 square metres and up to four for properties of more than 4000 square metres (an acre)
  • Not allowing roosters to be kept on properties smaller than one acre, due to noise issues
  • Adding an “unsightly property” section to the local law, where Council can investigate properties that might need a clean-up (for example, if there are numerous unregistered vehicles on the property)
  • Removing the permit requirement for camping on private land
  • Giving Council the ability to enforce bins being left by the roadside/on footpaths for too long, where they pose a safety issue
  • Giving Council the ability to begin enforcement when a car has been stored on a road or in a public place for more than 14 consecutive days
  • Changing roadside trading permits so traders can only operate one kilometre away from fixed (permanent) businesses, selling goods or services of the same type or nature, unless in a designated area (this is an increase from the current 400m distance required)
  • Short stay accommodation property owners will be obliged to resolve nuisance complaints (e.g. noise/parking issues) to protect neighbourhood amenity; if Council receives two or more complaints – supported with evidence – during a 12 month period, owners may receive a fine
  • Allowing Bushland residential properties to burn off in June from 2021, with burning off in July to remain prohibited (currently, June and July are prohibited times), to allow more properties to reduce green waste.
The draft local law has been informed by two years of community engagement with more 800 community members provided feedback through pop-up consultations, an online survey and community meetings.

The community is now invited to make submissions on the draft local law until midnight on 8 July 2020.

Submitters will be able to speak to their submission at a Delegated Committee of Council meeting on 15 July, 2020. This meeting will be live streamed, with speakers to be notified of how to join the video meeting or call in their submission if they wish.

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