Live.Move.Yarra Ranges - Paths and Trails Strategy

Submissions closing on 10 November 2019, 05:00 PM


Current consultation

Paths and Trails Strategy

As part of the Live.Move.Yarra Ranges initiative, we are seeking feedback to develop a Path and Trails Strategy. This strategy is being developed to continue the works commenced by the previous Yarra Ranges Council Hike and Bike Strategy.

The strategy will focus on the ongoing development of connected and accessible local walking paths and regional trails that inspire, support and encourage the community to walk, ride or run in Yarra Ranges.

Online survey

This is your chance to share your thoughts and big ideas to help shape our active future.

Take our short survey to help us understand:

  • How you use our paths and trails
  • What qualities about our paths and trails are important to you
  • How you would like to use them in the future;
  • Where you think the gaps are and where you think improvements could be made. 

The survey closes on 10 November and should take about 5 minutes to complete. Your information will be kept confidential.

Live.Move.Yarra Ranges

This project is part of the Live.Move.Yarra Ranges initiative. The initiative aims to assist and enable our community to take part in a series of priority projects, initiatives and programs over the coming years.

What is the Live.Move.Yarra Ranges initiative?

These projects will shape the future of our community and make it easier for you to be part of a healthier, happier and more active community.

Live.Move.Yarra Ranges. aims to ensure our natural environment and maintained community spaces are linked, inspiring, vibrant, fun and energising.

We are undertaking extensive evidence based planning and community engagement to ensure the Live.Move.Yarra Ranges initiative has a positive impact our community over the coming years.

Current Live.Move.Yarra Ranges projects

Recreation and Open Space Strategy (ROSS)

The ROSS is part of the Live.Move.Yarra Ranges Initiative and will provide Council and the community with:

  • A healthier, more active and engaged community (guided by Council’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy)
  • An open space network that sets Yarra Ranges apart from the rest of Victoria, entices residents to settle and raise families, and supports universal access to physical activity and the natural environment.

Learn more about the ROSS

Integrated transport strategy

We recently asked you how transport could be improved in the future. We asked you to tell us:

  • What modes of transport do you use?
  • What are some of the things that influence the way you travel around the Yarra Ranges?
  • Are there any challenges or barriers that you experience?
  • What works well?

Updates coming soon.

Future Live.Move.Yarra Ranges projects


  • Equestrian Strategy
  • Stadium Strategy
  • Regional Tennis Strategy
  • Outer Eastern Regional Cycling Strategy 
  • Outer Eastern Region Soccer Strategy
  • Outer Eastern Region Soccer Strategy

Master Plans

  • Lilydale Lake Master Plan
  • Wesburn Recreation Reserve
  • Warburton Recreation Reserve
  • Kilsyth Recreation Reserve
  • Kiloran Recreation Reserve
  • Elizabeth Bridge Recreation Reserve


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