A new approach to engaging with you

Submissions closed on 07 March 2021, 05:00 PM

People talking and sharing their ideas


At Yarra Ranges Council, we want to improve how we engage with our communities, ensuring all engagement we undertake is meaningful, authentic and responsive.

We’re currently working on a new way to guide this process across everything we do. Listening to what you’ve said about engagement in previous consultations, we have developed a Draft Community Engagement Policy. We’re required to have this policy under the Victorian Local Government Act 2020, but it’s more than that.

We want to do engagement well – really well. 

About the draft policy

We’re inviting you to have your say on this new approach and make sure we are on the right track. 

Read the Draft Community Engagement Policy

What is community engagement?

Community engagement provides an opportunity for the community to shape the plans and decisions that affect their needs, now and in the future. It helps inform Council’s vision, strategic direction, planning and decision making and provides us with a better understanding of community priorities.

Our Community Engagement Vision and Principles

"We are deeply connected to our communities through meaningful, authentic and responsive community engagement"

Principles transparency and trust, inclusive and equitable, responsive and impactful, building capacity

Transparency Trust

We will act in an honest, transparent and respectful way to build strong relationships, partnerships and trust with our community and other stakeholders (individuals or organisations affected by Council decisions). People know what is happening and how their input is being used. They will have access to the right, objective and relevant information to inform their participation.

Inclusive Equitable

We will ensure those who are affected by a decision will be given an opportunity to inform that decision. We respect diversity and will use a variety of engagement methods to ensure the broadest range of community members and stakeholders have a genuine opportunity to participate.

Responsive Impactful

We ensure our community is consulted in a timely manner. We make our decisions in an open and transparent way and provide feedback to our community and other stakeholders in order to explain our decisions and let them know how their views have influenced the outcome.

Building Capacity

We value the enhanced social connections, increased skills and strengthened community partnerships that result from meaningful, authentic and responsive engagement activities. We evaluate our engagement activities and learn from the feedback that has been provided to us to improve future engagement activities. 

How to be involved

Join us at a drop-in session

Take part in an online activity 

Take part in a quick online activity and share your thoughts on the draft policy(PDF, 672KB).

Choose one of the scenarios below and let us know how you'd expect us to engage you in the process.

You can also provide your feedback and suggestions on our general feedback form

What will happen next?

Once this consultation ends, we will consider your feedback and make any changes necessary, before taking the new draft policy to Council to be endorsed.

This won’t be end of the story, we will test out the policy on future projects and continue the conversation with you about how we can keep improving our community engagement.