Council meeting schedule

Council meetings are usually held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. 

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the public gallery at all meetings will be closed until further notice.

You can continue to view meetings by watching online via the live stream available on our website.

Date Meeting Type Location Time  
 Tuesday 15 June Hearing of Submissions via videoconference 6.30pm  
 Tuesday 22 June Council via videoconference 7pm  
 Tuesday 29 June Council via videoconference 7pm  
 Tuesday 13 July Council via videoconference 7pm  
 Tuesday 27 July  Council via videoconference  7pm  
 Tuesday 10 August Council via videoconference 7pm  
 Tuesday 24 August  Council  via videoconference 7pm  
 Tuesday 14 September Council  via videoconference 7pm  
 Tuesday 28 September Council  via videoconference  7pm  
 Tuesday 12 October  Council  via videoconference  7pm  
 Tuesday 26 October  Council  via videoconference  7pm  
 Tuesday 9 November** Council  via videoconference  7pm  
 Tuesday 23 November  Council  via videoconference  7pm  
 Tuesday 14 December  Council  via videoconference  7pm  


* Subject to Covid restrictions, the Meeting will be held virtually as an alternate venue due to the redevelopment of the Civic Centre at 15 Anderson St, Lilydale.

** Mayoral Election