Data Governance Charter

Our data is high quality, secure and informs the decisions we make.

Data is one of our most critical assets. The information we collect helps us connect our community. We take the responsibility of collecting, using and disposing of our data very seriously.

This charter is a public commitment from Yarra Ranges Council to its customers and to itself for this responsibility.


1. Our customers trust us with their data

Council needs to collect data about our customers to deliver services to the community. We place our customers at the centre of everything we do.

We will:

  • Only collect the data that is required from our customers to successfully deliver our services.
  • Protect and secure our data from unauthorised access and use.
  • Ensure our data assets have owners who are accountable for managing their access and use.
  • Ensure our staff are accountable for the use of data. Individual data use is recorded and auditable.
  • Keep data for periods of time that suit our business needs. We will dispose of customer data responsibly and in line with Public Record Office Victoria policies.
  • Be responsible in protecting customers’ credit card data used to process transactions as per the guidelines provided by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).


2. Our data empowers staff to make decisions

Our data is a strategic asset for council and is managed by considered policies, standards and procedures. Well managed data helps us make informed decisions to ensure the services we deliver are relevant, efficient and meet community needs.

We will:

  • Ensure the quality of our data is everyone’s responsibility. When we see data that needs to be corrected we take action.
  • Ensure authorised access to customer and asset data is a quick and painless process.
  • Align our data risk management practices with our organisational risk framework.
  • Invest in fit-for-purpose technologies to support all of our data management activities.


3. Our data inspires innovation

Mature data governance and management opens the door for council to take advantage of the opportunities that emerging technologies promise. We are fostering the spirit of innovation across the entire council, from leadership to field worker.

We will:

  • Ensure data governance is fully supported and championed.
  • Welcome ideas from all our staff, the public and our partners to improve data management. Innovation is part of our DNA.
  • Ensure our staff have the skills to make the most of data. Our capabilities are continually evolving.


How will we live up to this charter?

The Data Governance Project is a strategic project and part of the Council's vision to ensure we are a high performing organisation. This charter is a commitment and we measure ourselves against its principles regularly.