Audit and Risk Management Committee

1. What is the The Audit and Risk Management Committee

Audit and Risk Management Committee (the Committee) has been established under section 53 (1) of the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act) as an independent advisory Committee to Council.

The Committee provides Council with independent advice and guidance regarding the adequacy and effectiveness of management’s practices and potential improvements to those practices, with specific regards to:

  • compliance management
  • governance structure
  • risk management and fraud prevention
  • internal control framework
  • oversight of the internal audit activity, external auditors and other providers of assurance, and
  • financial statements, performance and public accountability reporting.

    The Committee comprises of five members as follows:
  • three Independent Members (one of which is the Committee Chair), and
  • two Councillor representatives.

Independent Committee Members receive remuneration for their role, which is set by resolution at a formal Council Meeting.  Set fees per meeting apply for each Independent Committee Member and the Chair, which are indexed in alignment with the rate cap % each 1 July.

Councillor Committee members are not remunerated for their role on the Committee.

2. Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for the Committee are outlined in the Audit and Risk Management Committee Charter(PDF, 429KB) which was approved by Council in August 2020.

3. Audit and Risk Management Committee Members

Ms Bev Excell – Independent Member and Chairperson

Appointed as an independent member in May 2014 and is currently serving as the Committee Chair.

Has a professional background in the delivery of Corporate Services and in Service Centre management, with extensive knowledge of business operations, and developing and implementing strategies to drive business process improvement.

An internationally experienced executive and independent non-executive director with over 20 years directorship and governance experience across a range of organisation types and sectors such as mutual banking, education, not-for-profits, local government and statutory bodies. Has held several chair roles and been a member of numerous Finance, Audit and Risk Committees.

Mr Stephen Schinck – Independent Member

Appointed as an independent member in May 2016.

A consultant with Landell Consulting specialising in procurement and governance and holds a business degree with majors in accounting and economics. 

A senior director with the Department of Treasury and Finance for over 16 years, his experience includes financial management, policy reform, corporate planning and governance, human resource strategy, risk management and internal audit.  Has held Director and Chair roles in the not for profit sector and is an independent member on a range of Audit and Risk Committees.

Mr Simon Mahony, B.Ec, FCPA, GAICD  – Independent Member

Appointed as an independent member in May 2018.

An accomplished finance and business executive with extensive experience across both the private sector and later, Victorian Statutory Authorities. Served as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in several large government organisations and carries a broad range of skills including corporate governance, financial management, business acumen, strategic thinking and risk management.

Holds several Board and Board Audit and Risk Committees positions across a variety of organisations. Has been working with Audit and Risk Committees for over 30 years and has been a member and graduate of Australian Institute of Company Directors since 2006.

Ms Fiona McAlister – Councillor Representative

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Ryrie Ward Councillor

Mr Jim Child – Councillor Representative and Mayor

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O'Shannassy Ward Councillor