Worawa Community Outreach Project

Chef Robin Sutcliffe prepares a meal in the Worawa kitchen Worawa Aboriginal College in Healesville provides a holistic education and boarding school for young Aboriginal women from communities around Australia.

During COVID-19 restrictions, the College has delivered remote learning to students both on the college campus as well as to students back in their home communities. To support local Elders and community members, Worawa has provided door to door food delivery service with nutritious meals prepared by Worawa chef Robin Sutcliffe. College staff delivered the meals by contactless delivery. During this difficult period the College offered another round of meals, prepared by local chef Tim Campbell of The Mabel restaurant in Mitcham. Tim personally delivered the meals with contactless delivery to recipients. Worawa students prepared Care Packages for distribution to the local community, including handwritten messages, reading materials and masks.  

Worawa’s efforts have been gratefully received by local Elders and Yarra Ranges community members.