Care boxes for Hills families

Volunteers for the Philanthropic Collective deliver food parcels to families in need in Sassafras

In the heart of the hills, hard-working volunteers from The Philanthropic Collective are delivering care boxes with fresh fruit and veggies to local families and seniors.

Since 2016, members of the Philanthropic Collective have been collecting donated fresh food from generous local businesses and making sure it gets to local people who need it. Pre-COVID-19, this 100% volunteer powered initiative was delivering food boxes every weekday to schools and other pick-up points, feeding about 1000 children, families and seniors. In the last few months the team, led by founders Andrew and Fabian, have been busy adapting the many aspects of their program to restrictions while working to meet new community needs.

"In March, when I lost my job and my husband got put on 3 days, I contacted Andrew and he said 'We’ll help you out’. It has been such a support over the whole COVID time, to be receiving a box of food each week," says a local community member.

The Philanthropic Collective have recently developed a partnership project called CONNECT to provide re-purposed laptops and computers to students in the Dandenong Ranges. The first laptop was handed over to a Sherbrooke Community School student to support that young person with remote learning.