Be Kind Stay Safe

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As our region begins to take steps towards living with COVID, it's important to be aware of the on-going restrictions that impact our Yarra Ranges community and businesses.

Be Kind, Stay Safe celebrates that we can begin to get back to the things that we love about living in the Yarra Ranges. However, it also reminds us that we still have a responsibility to do these things safely. There are new protocols and restrictions set by the State Government that will impact our day to day lives including how we go out, shop and interact with each other.  

Now more than ever it's important to remember to be kind to our local businessto each other and to yourself as we begin to move into this new COVIDSafe normal.  

For more information on what is changing, please keep up to date with the Victorian Roadmap here.

Be Kind Stay Safe for Community

With new changes coming to restrictions there will be a lot more people out visiting and enjoying our Yarra Ranges. Please remember to follow COVIDSafe practices and be prepared with everything you need before your trip to help both our community and businesses. 

Be prepared by being up to date with the resources below:

Victorian Roadmap

Current COVIDSafe settings for Metropolitan Melbourne

How to get your COVID-19 digital certificate

Showing proof of vaccination at businesses and venues

Book your vaccine appointment

Be Kind Stay Safe for Business

There will be changes to our Yarra Ranges businesses including how they will need to operate based on current restrictions from State Government. Please remember to be kind to all business and staff during this time as we all begin to get used to this new COVIDSafe normal. 

If you're a business owner or manager you can be kind and stay safe by being aware of changes to your business and utilising some of the resources below: 

Be Kind Stay Safe Density Poster Download: Bekind-Stay-Safe-Floor-density-quotient-A4.pdf(PDF, 95KB)

Reopening for Business Webinar and Information

Business and industry restrictions for Melbourne

COVIDSafe workplaces

Vaccination requirements for workers

Signs, posters and templates for your workplace