Youth Spotlight: Yarra Ranges resident

A photo of a Yarra Ranges resident outside

I want to take care of my environment for the next generation.

I have really liked studying from home. If you get all of your schoolwork done quite early, then you have all of this time to do whatever you want. In my spare time, I make dioramas. Normally they are made from anything I find that works well, things I find around the home like recycled polystyrene or straws. I use the polystyrene as the base and glue peat moss over that to make grass and then I might make an old crumbly house to sit on top of it. Afterwards, I put my diorama in a mould and poor epoxy resin in. The resin makes a nice lake. It’s a clear liquid that goes hard when it’s set. I also make origami and then film short stop-motion movies using my dioramas. 

A picture of a diorama made by a Yarra Ranges resident I go to a small school, but I was invited to do a leadership course through WebEx with other kids from the local schools. We attend a meeting over the phone and talk about what makes good leaders, then we get set little projects and go away and do them. For example, it could be something like finding out the upsides and the downsides that students are facing when studying from home. We also try to find leadership tasks that lots of people can do, like asking everyone to write a little letter to each other. Right now I am organizing an optional craft activity with all the kids. Everyone is making their own little house or building which will finally be put together as a village community. It's quite large and will be displayed in the foyer at my school.

I think what makes a good leader is being someone that people want to follow instead of forcing people to follow you. They represent the values of most people. 

I think that young people in the Yarra Ranges can make a difference to the community by doing something about what’s happening right now and just getting out there. They also need to know how they can help. I do scouts and I’ve been part of the Platypus Education Group for about three years. We do a lot of different things, but it’s mostly learning about and taking care of the environment, planting trees, cleaning up litter and protecting waterways. I think it’s important to look after the environment because if I grow up to have children, they might not have what we have and what I have today. I want them to have big trees in most places and clean creeks. I want to help build a better future for following generations.