Youth Leadership Celebration

The Youth Leadership Celebration event is an annual shout out to young people in the Yarra Ranges who have contributed to local events and projects. In 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions, this event was delivered via YouTube rather than in person. A benefit of this was being able to share it after the event!

Sit back and enjoy this showcase of contributions and stories from young people including the Takeover Melbourne project, and Covideo Short Film Competition winner Michael Stephens. Hear from Yarra Ranges Council Mayor, Councillor Fiona McAllister, Youth Congress member Otis Heffernan-Wooden, youth advocate Wren Gillett, Indigenous Development Trainee Nelson Aldridge and the Yarra Ranges Youth Ambassadors Rachael Lee, Jacinta Crookes and Dan Cookson.  See performances by inspiring young local musicians Phoebe Laidlaw, Jade Mewburn and Indi Blake.  The 2020 Youth Leadership Event was held on December 10 and was designed and held on Wurundjeri Country.

0:08 - Host introduction

0:55 - Welcome to Country with Aunty Julie Coombes

9:47 - Amy introduces Wren

10:45 - Wren Gillett

24:15 - Peter introduces Indi

24:41 - Indi Blake 

26:48 - Kyeema introduces Mayor

27:16 - Mayor - Councillor Fiona McAllister and certificate presentations

32:40 - Ryan introduces short film

33:29 - Unprecedented Lockdown - short film by Michael Stephens

36:33 - Nick introduces Phoebe

37:09 - Phoebe Laidlaw

40:41 - Amy introduces Otis

41:20 - Clip - young people discuss impacts of Covid-19

43:49 - Otis Heffernan-Wooden (please note Youth Strategy consultation now closed)

48:42 - Peter introduces Nelson, Jacinta, Rachael and Dan

49:28 - Indigenous Development Trainee Nelson speaks with Youth Ambassadors Dan, Jacinta and Rachael 

56:03 - Kyeem introduces Sam 

57:05 - Sam Ellis

58:33 - Ryan introduces Jade

59:02 - Jade Mewburn

1:02:29 - Amy farewell and credits