Youth Advisory Group (YAG)

1. Overview

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The Youth Advisory Group is now recruiting for 2022!

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Applications close Tuesday 26 April 2022


The Youth Advisory Group (YAG) are a group of diverse young people from across the Yarra Ranges who work with Council and within the community to ensure young people’s voices are heard. Our fifteen wonderful members have a vast range of experiences and outlooks. We want to support and advocate for people from all walks of life, to make sure feel they have someone representing them and their interests in projects, policies and planning.

We have an advisory role, bringing young voices into decision making spaces. We advocate for and promote positive change in the community.

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Image description: Thirteen of the Youth Advisory Group members stand side-by-side in front of trees


Phone: (03) 9294 6716


Louise Grant, Youth Development Officer

Ben Schatz, Youth Worker

2. Our Values

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Trust: Giving the young people of our community a group that they can trust and rely on.

Acceptance: Ensuring that everyone we interact with and involve in our projects feel accepted.

Respect: Maintaining respect for all regardless of opinions or identity.

Empathy: Keeping kindness at the forefront of everything we say and do.

Communication: Being clear and maintaining a strong line of communication with our community and each other.

3. Meet our members

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Meet the incredible fifteen young people who make up the Youth Advisory Group, appointed in June 2021.Click on an image to read more

4. Have your voice heard! Get in touch

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Have any concerns, comments or places you’d like to see us? Contact us through our social or media or email to speak to us directly!

Phone: (03) 9294 6716


Louise Grant, Youth Development Officer
Ben Schatz, Youth Worker

5. Current projects

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September 2021

We are currently planning an online Youth Consultation Tour to help understand what it’s like to be a young person in the Yarra Ranges region. Keep your eyes out for updates soon!

August 2021

We provided consultation to the Bushlands Team at the Yarra Ranges Council about how to reach young people and encourage environmental volunteering.

We’ve been working with the Victorian Department of Jobs, Precincts, and Regions and the Lilydale Urban Revitalisation Board to help them understand what it’s like to be a young person. This included developing project proposals that injected youth voice into infrastructure planning? in Lilydale.

July 2021

Meeting different teams within the Yarra Ranges Council which has allowed us to get to know the work Council does, while also starting to give feedback on their current projects, ensuring youth voice is embedded in their approach.

June 2021

We had our first couple of meetings in June, where we got to know each other and start putting some comms together, including writing up this page and creating a logo – check it out below!

6. The story behind our logo

YAG logo.png

We created a logo that allows the background artwork to change. We are hoping to have young people contribute to our work and tell their stories through the artwork. We are still developing this process, so watch this space!

In the meantime, the artwork was created by one of our YAG members, Jessy, to reflect an aspect of the Yarra Ranges region that we love the most – the beautiful natural environment.