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Other immunisations

As well as providing the government funded immunisation program we are also able to provide non-funded vaccinations at cost price.

Non-Funded Immunisations

Age  Immunisation  Fee (each)  Injections  Total cost 

Hepatitis A


2 $160

Hepatitis A & B


3 $240

Hepatitis B


3 $75





   Chicken Pox  $65  2  $130

Diphtheria Tetanus and Whooping Cough (Pertussis)


1 $50

Measles Mumps Rubella


1 $40

*Note: Multiple injections are given over a period of time.

How do I arrange a non-funded vaccination?

  1. Fill out non-funded immunisation consent form (PDF, 201KB)
  2. Take completed form to a Public session and pay by EFTPOS or at your nearest Community Link prior to session.

Where can I get travel vaccinations?

You will need to contact your doctor or locate a travel clinic for travel vaccinations.

2018 Influenza Vaccine Program

Who is eligible for free influenza vaccination?

  • Children aged 6mths to less than 5 years (new Victorian funded program)
  • People aged 5 years and over who have a medical risk factor that increases their risk of complications from influenza
  • Aboriginal people aged 15 years and over
  • Pregnant women
  • Adults aged 65 years and over

Influenza vaccine is not linked to the No Jab, No Pay or Play requirements.

Information about the flu and the vaccine is available here.

The flu vaccine for those aged 3 years and over is now available at all community sessions.

Due to a national shortage:

  • there is a limited supply of the free vaccine for children aged 3-4 years. Please note in your on-line booking if you would like the vaccine so we can contact you if it is not available.
  • There is currently no vaccine available for purchase for those aged 5 through to 17 years of age.

Corporate flu immunisation

Our immunisation services team can visit your workplace to protect your staff from the flu which will reduce illness and absenteeism. Please contact us on 1300 368 333 for more details.

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