Winter Wellness


When the cold comes, so does the risk of illness.

Winter has officially begun and already we are seeing far too many people with colds, flu and COVID – and some of them are very sick. But there are five simple things you can do to protect yourself and stay healthy this winter:

5 Steps to Winter Wellness:

1. Get your flu vaccine

Avoid flu this winter by getting your vaccination today.

Many Victorians are eligible for a free flu (influenza) vaccination, available from your GP or pharmacist. Flu can be a very serious illness for anyone but is especially high risk for babies and young children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with existing health conditions. Make sure you and your family are protected this winter.

Find out more here.

Or book into one of our own clinics here. 


2. Have all your COVID vaccine doses

Make sure you're fully vaccinated against COVID to stay healthy this winter.

To find out which vaccine is available for you, please visit the Coronavirus Victoria website. 

Or you can protect yourself today by booking in for your next dose here. 


3: Follow good hygiene practices

To stay healthy this winter, follow good hygiene practices to avoid getting sick with colds, flu or COVID, or spreading illness. This include:

Washing your hands often

Prevent germs from spreading by washing with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.

Covering your nose & mouth

Cough or sneeze into your elbow or use disposable tissues. 

Wearing a face mask

When leaving your home, choose to wear a mask.

Find out more tips on how to keep safe this winter season here.

4. Keep active

Rug up and go for a walk, kick a footy, stretch, go for a bike ride...keeping active keeps you healthy.

Check out our Parks, Trails and Reserves or plan your next bicycle adventure on the Yarra Valley Trail. 

There's plenty of ways to get some fresh air out in Yarra Ranges. 

5. Stay home if you're unwell

If you're unwell or have COVID or flu, stay at home - this helps you get better sooner and protects others.