2024 Grant recipients

Learn more about the fantastic projects and initiatives Council has funded in the 2024 Program.


Arts and heritage

Applicant Project Title Brief Project Description Council Ward Amount Granted
Fleur Dean What Lies Beneath (working title) What Lies Beneath is bold, innovative and visually striking performance created by diverse marginalised local artists. Telling biographical story from the land they've sprung from, this is played out within the frame of Steve Curry's intriguingly crafted three-story venue on Maroondah Hwy, Healesville. Ryrie $10,000.00
Warburton Valley Market Providing Music and Art at Warburton Valley Market The Warburton Valley Market runs on the first Sunday of each month (excluding January). The Market supports local food producers, artisan makers, community groups artists and musicians. The market provides a platform to sell products, run workshops and access multi-cultural food stalls. O'Shannassy $10,000.00
Nicole Joy Wellington Putting more HeART into the Hills/ Belgrave - Community '"Putting more HeART into the Hills/ Belgrave - Community" aims to engage the local community, particularly children, in revitalizing creativity in the Hills / Belgrave. It seeks to connect individuals through collaborative and creative community workshops. Lyster $10,000.00
Belgrave Traders Association Re-Generation '"Re-Generation" is a cross disciplinary arts initiative for young people aged 12-25 that live, work, study and play in the hills. The project aims to create conversations, collaborations, opportunities and public outcomes across multiple art forms. The resultant performances, installations and displays will reflect the current ideals, aspirations and visions of young people navigating a complex local, state, national and international terrain. Lyster $10,000.00
Beth Williams Community Keys The "Community Keys" project aims to install 6 upright pianos in community spaces in the Yarra Ranges region, in safe public areas. The objective for the project is to encourage community members to be playful, to interact with each other musically, and remind the community that the arts and music are what make us human, and bring us into our bodies to experience our emotionality and our humanity. All Council Wards $9,965.00
Emma Jennings Stories of Giants - a creative recovery project '"Stories of Giants - a creative recovery project" will be a painted series of portraits by Emma Jennings. The portraits will depict impacted residents and volunteers and document the devastating effects of the June 9, 2021 storm on people and their connection to place. Billanook, Streeton $10,000.00
Healesville Primary Indigenous Mural on Junior School Building '"Indigenous Mural on Junior School Building" will be an Indigenous mural painted to tell a cultural story pertinent to the Healesville area. Brooke Wandin (Indigenous Leader) and Amanda Wright (Artist) will work together to create the work. Ryrie $8,000.00
Sarah Germain Small Hall Gypsy Cabaret 3.0 '"Small Hall Gypsy Cabaret 3.0" will be a small hall performance event, comprised of three live music acts, performance poetry, dance, performance art and catering. YAVA Gallery + Arts Hub aims to contract approximately 20 people to create this dazzling smorgasbord of live Gypsy music, spoken word poetry, dance and cabaret. Streeton $4,000.00
Dandenong Ranges Orchestra Dandenong Ranges Orchestra Concert Season 2024 The Dandenong Ranges Orchestra will partner with three professional local musical identities; “Inventi Ensemble”, composer Jenny Game and composer Jacquie Rutten, to undertake a series of workshops throughout the year, culminating in three concerts in the Yarra Ranges. Local musicians will be invited to join and participate in the activities. All Council Wards $10,000.00
Yarra Valley Arts Council Inc Yarra Valley Open Studios '"Yarra Valley Open Studios" is the much anticipated annual event for Artists to connect face-to-face with artlovers & other artists in their private creative spaces. An exhibition of all artists participating will be held at YAVA. Melba, O'Shannassy, Ryrie $10,000.00
Upwey Community Group Moving Forward Together '"Moving Forward Together" aims to create a collection of high-quality murals and totems in the Upwey Village Green to celebrate our diverse culture and history. They invigorate a dull space and encourage the community to reflect that we are one and walk the path of inclusion. Streeton $8,368.00
Mountain District Radio Inc 3MDR 3MDR 40th Birthday podcast series. Creating an oral history collection Mountain District Radio Inc aims to produce a series of podcast episodes celebrating the 40th Birthday of 3MDR. The oral history collection will feature interviews with founders, current members, volunteers, broadcasters, staff, as well as members of the community and some of the many musical artists who have started and sustained their careers with the support of community radio. The podcasts will also feature live music recorded at 3MDR over the course of our history. All Council Wards $9,800.00
Sandra Thom-Jones Auti-magination: Sharing Stories of Autistic Writers in the Yarra Ranges The "Auti-magination: Sharing Stories of Autistic Writers in the Yarra Ranges" project aims to provide an opportunity for autistic children and adults in the Yarra Range to come together and share their passion for creative writing. It also provides opportunities for these authors to to see their work in print and to raise community awareness of the imaginations and writing skills of autistic people. The project will be led by an autistic author and autism advocate, and the workshops co-facilitated by two autistic authors who live in the Yarra Ranges. All Council Wards $10,000.00
Body Place Project - Gretel Taylor On Country/In Residence '"BodyPlaceProject" proposes to walk the entire trail together with three guest artists, all specialists in responding to place through different artforms, exploring what it means to 'listen to Country' from the perspective of walking. BodyPlaceProject will host a series of workshops led by Wurundjeri facilitators (funded through a YR Partnership grant), introducing ways of sensing Country. A Welcome to Country by Wurundjeri elder would launch the artists' residency and guide us on the first section of the trail with local public invited to accompany this first hour. Chandler, Streeton $10,000.00
Yarra Ranges Heritage Network Heritage First Responders - Disaster Plans (Pilot) In partnership with the Yarra Ranges Regional Museum, the "Heritage First Responders - Disaster Plans (Pilot)" project will establish coordinated disaster preparedness plans in with six member groups of the Yarra Ranges Heritage Network (Monbulk Historical Society, Sherbrooke Foothills Historical Society, Mount Dandenong & District Historical Society, Running Rabbits Military Museum, Save the Dandenongs League, Southern Sherbrooke Historical Society Inc.) Chandler, Lyster, Streeton $10,000.00
Yarra Valley ECOSS inc. Rhythms of the World '"Rhythms of The World" brings the world to The Valley. Celebrating 5 different cultures through music, food and art! The program includes First Nations representation, African drumming and dance workshops, Ghanaian Culture, Tibetan singing workshops and performance, Chin dancers (sharing their cultural harvest dance and stories) and Brazillian drumming. O'Shannassy $10,000.00
Natasja van Wyk Waste to Wonder '"Waste to Wonder", an innovative project by emerging artists Natasja van Wyk and Macarena Ocampo, aims to revolutionize soft plastic upcycling in the Yarra Ranges. We intend to transform waste into remarkable textiles, fostering creativity and sustainability within the community. This will culminate in an exhibition, where through interactive artist talks and exhibiting our unique new textile, we will enlighten attendees on the urgent challenges posed by soft plastic waste and the transformative power of upcycling. Streeton $10,000.00

Festivals and events

Victorian Skateboard Association (VSA) INC Yarra Ranges Downhill Festival 2024 The "Yarra Ranges Downhill Festival 2024" intends to continue to provide an essential need for a public event for the local Yarra Ranges skate community. For the sport to encourage and foster new members and grow, it is essential that there are public events that involve closing down roads. This promotes a safe and supportive environment where members of the community can grow their skills, compete, socialise, and learn in a safe environment. O'Shannassy $10,000.00
Opus Twenty One (Eastern Suburbs Community) Big Band Incorporated Big Band In The Park "Opus Twenty One (Eastern Suburbs Community) Big Band Incorporated wish to hold two Sunday afternoon concerts at the Queens Park Sound Shell during summer and autumn. These will provide an opportunity for local musicians and vocalists to perform and showcase their craft, and the

audience to appreciate the immense depth of talent of the band members"
Ryrie $4,200.00
Warburton Tennis Club Inc Warburton Tennis Club Celebrating 120 Years Warburton Tennis Club Inc would like to hold an event to commemorate our 120th year milestone. The Warburton Tennis Club are applying for funding for two special celebrations that bring together past and present members, local residents, tennis enthusiasts, and those who would like to come & try tennis from all walks of life. O'Shannassy $8,424.50
The River Folk Festival The River Folk Festival 2024 The "The River Folk Festival 2024" will be a 3- day boutique music, arts and cultural festival held in Warburton. It will celebrate the diverse creativity and culture of the area, with both local, national, and international acts (musicians, artists, performers and cultural groups), activating public spaces and bringing life, vibrancy and colour to Warburton and the Upper Yarra Valley. All Council Wards $10,000.00
Rotary Club of Healesville Festival and Events The "Holi Festival" is a celebratory way to welcome spring, bring the community together, have fun, eat delicious food and enjoy cultural performances. Ryrie $3,000.00
Ranges Academy of Performing Arts Inc (RAPA) Lantern & Light International Children's Film Festival (LLICFF) 2024 The "Lantern & Light International Children's Film Festival 2024" (LLICFF) will be a three-day festival of films made by young people under 18 from Yarra Ranges. It will include national and international components with the motto "GIVING VOICE TO OUR CHILDREN FOR THEIR FUTURE". We believe this is the only Australian festival of its kind (i.e. a film festival of films made by, and for, young people). Lyster $9,280.00
Yarra Ranges Film Society Warburton Film Festival 2024 The"Warburton Film Festival 2024" will take place over the weekend in June following the King's Birthday weekend. It will feature 8 film sessions spread over 3 days as well as a festival dinner on the Saturday night. O'Shannassy $2,000.00
Kallista Village Inc Music@Kallista '"Music@Kallista" will have the revival of the historic Kallista Market as it's core objective, placing Kallista back on the map post Covid, Storm, and closure of the Community House. It will incorporate entertainment such as Live music acts and provide a place where musicians and artists can play and be supported. Lyster $10,000.00
Lilydale Township Action Group Lilydale Street Fair The "Lilydale Street Fair" will bring the community, businesses and community groups together. It will invite visitors to our town and increase the profile of Lilydale and Lilydale Township Action Group. The aim is to continue to revitalise & celebrate Lilydale, show our town as a vital, thriving, proud township with a supporting, invigorated, engaged, community who come together to enjoy a great local event. Billanook, Melba $10,000.00
Tecoma Uniting Church Voices from the Edge Tecoma Uniting Church (TUC) aims to collaborate with local people and relevant organisations who represent those living with disability, people from First Nations, LGBTIQA+ and young people at risk, to plan and implement up to three Mini Festivals titled "Voices From the Edge". The objective is to celebrate difference, offer experiences for marginalised people to be heard and foster important conversations within our community. Lyster $2,900.00
Yarra Valley Living Centre Peace in the Valley '"Peace in the Valley", The Yarra Valley Living Centre's third annual open day, will be a day of community spirit, well-being, experiential learning and fun. O'Shannassy $3,000.00
Kilsyth Community Action Group Kilsyth Festival The "Kilsyth Festival" will be a 6-hour relaxed outdoor festive experience with a village fair feel. Japara Neighbourhood House aims to engage a wide a cross-section of community by offering a diverse range of active and passive attractions. Experience has shown that we achieve this by delivering variety - assembling over 40 stalls and activity centres drawn from local service, craft, creative, sporting, educational and community groups. Walling $10,000.00
Ecstatic Arts Blacksmith & Artisans Festival History comes to life as hundreds of enthusiasts share their love of history and the joy of pre-modern arts, crafts, trades and sports at Mont De Lancey Historic Museum. The "Blacksmith & Artisans Festival" aims to function as an Open Day for the museum, a conference for the clubs and groups, an exhibition for makers, educational skill share for enthusiasts, a thank you party for volunteers and a fun festival free for the public. Chandler $10,000.00
Cire Services Inc. Cire's 2024 Halloween Street Party Cire Services Inc want to further develop its "Halloween Street Party" in 2024, ensuring it is free for the whole Upper Yarra community. The Street Party aims to connect people of all ages with each other and with local businesses and organisations, further strengthening a sense of community and supporting/boosting overall health and wellbeing. O'Shannassy $5,000.00

Community Development

Vantage Point Community Boosting healthy food accessibility The "Boosting healthy food accessibility" project aims to increase the ratio of healthy food distributed at our foodbank program and also provide participants at our social gathering healthier food options to help encourage and motivate healthy eating. Melba $10,000.00
Woori Yallock Football Club Empowering Community Sport Through Volunteer Engagement Our project "Bring back the Volunteers" aims to address the declining number of volunteers due to the impact of Covid. Currently, a small group of individuals is shouldering the entire workload, resulting in limited capacity to increase the U19’s team, offer any new programs or resurrect our Netball Teams. O'Shannassy $3,000.00
Mums of the Hills Inc Running Up That Hill The "Running Up that Hill" project addresses specific needs associated with social and environmental trauma and isolation. The devastating storms in 2021 have left many local residents with high levels of anxiety each time the wind blows or a natural disaster is discussed. In addition, our group has noticed a rise in discussions on domestic violence, postnatal depression and feelings of isolation. It's crucial that local mums have the tools, support and connections needed. Chandler, Lyster, Streeton $4,000.00
Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater Inc Nurture through Nature with Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater The "Nurture through Nature with Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater" project aims to highlight the importance of getting out in nature through volunteerism as a means to promote mental health and wellbeing. Our objective is to provide habitat restoration events focused on the benefits that time spent in nature through environmental volunteering, has on the mental health and wellbeing of Yarra Ranges residents. Our organisation will host 3 events at Yellingbo in partnership with mental health organisations or support groups in the Yarra Ranges. O'Shannassy $7,000.00
Nangana Landcare Network Presenting Nangana The aim of "Presenting Nangana" is to develop the public face of the Nangana Landcare Network. The objectives are to increase the profile of Nangana and its member groups; to provide information access for the wider public to Nangana information, stories and events; and to ensure all individual members of each group feel a part of the Network. Chandler, Streeton $5,000.00
CHAOS Inc: Lilydale Community House Cook Eat Chat Repeat The "Cook Eat Chat Repeat" program encourages residents (particularly older residents) to come back into social life after the past couple of years of upheaval with COVID and storms. Many are still reluctant to do too much for fear of COVID in particular. We have been running both "Soup & Stories" and "Cooking for One" throughout this year with a good response. Billanook $6,000.00
Northern Yarra Landcare Network Inc Farm Dams as Habitat The "Farm Dams as Habitat" project aims to achieve the following: 1. Widespread understanding amongst landowners about the benefits and key concepts of farm dam revegetation 2. The creation of sites where best-practice approaches continue to be visible for the longer term 3. An understanding in the community of how the benefits should be measured, with the opportunity to publish and 4. The creation of long term interest from owners as part of a community-led program supported by the Landcare Network Ryrie $4,500.00
Big Little Buddies Inc. Younger & Older making Music and Memories: Intergenerational Music Program The "Younger & Older making Music and Memories: Intergenerational Music Program" project involves aged care residents, pre-schoolers and caregivers coming together for a weekly music-based intergenerational program. Sessions are developed using evidence-based intergenerational practices developed by Griffith University. Melba $8,000.00
Yarra Valley FM Inc Youth skills and confidence development The "Youth skills and confidence development" program plans to provide open access opportunities for young people in Yarra Ranges to participate with volunteers in our community radio station. We aim to provide development opportunities in media, public speaking, personal confidence, resilience and to raise awareness of other community organisations to which young people can turn for their own development and welfare. All Council Wards $4,000.00
The Good Life Farm Limited Creating strong, resilient, sustainable life and social skills and connections for our vulnerable young people. '"Creating strong, resilient, sustainable life and social skills and connections for our vulnerable young people" project is a 10 week Life and Social Skills program. It aims to create strong, resilient, sustainable life and social skills and connections for vulnerable young people. Ryrie $7,200.00
Belgrave Food Garden Inc Establishment of Belgrave's Community Food Forest The "Establishment of Belgrave's Community Food Forest" project aims to tackle the issue of food insecurity. I will use various approaches to foster knowledge sharing through working bees, structured workshops, and the establishment of a community food forest that enables residents to harvest organic produce. Lyster $9,000.00
Friends of Kalorama Park Inc Our People and Place - Kalorama Park The objective of "Our People and Place - Kalorama Park" is to continue to facilitate bridging connections between locals and their environment. It also aims to increase people's wellbeing and rehabilitate the environment. Chandler $9,000.00
AUSTRALIA CHIN COMMUNITY (Eastern Melbourne) Inc. Adults Social and English Classes The "Adults Social and English Classes" project will primarily concentrate on elements of building positive social wellbeing and connection for elders who are culturally and linguistically diverse and face social disadvantages. All Council Wards $8,000.00
Benwerren Benwerren School Holiday Programs The "Benwerren School Holiday Programs" exist to serve and strengthen women and children in need. This program aims to provide a family holiday for mothers and their primary-school aged children who have previously stayed at Benwerren during a time of crisis, strengthen family bonds and create lasting childhood memories, and build resilience in individuals and families (through connection, encouragement and confidence building activities). O'Shannassy $8,000.00
Japara Neighbourhood House Makerspace '"Makerspace" aims to create an ongoing learning exchange space for skill learning, social connection and reduced cost of living. There will be three objectives: Getting Skilled, Getting Connected and Getting In Control. Walling $8,000.00
Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne) Young Women's Art Program MIC Young Women’s Art program is a partnership with the MIC Settlement, Engagement and Transition Program that aims to engage newly arrived refugee young women from refugee backgrounds, who live in the outer eastern region of Melbourne. Melba $2,950.00
Outer Eastern LLEN 2024 Yarra Ranges Youth Career Expo The "2024 Yarra Ranges Youth Career Expo" project aims to provide an informative and engaging expo that increases the visibility of career pathways in the region, debunks gender-based trade stereotypes, and fosters a deeper understanding of various industries. Melba $3,000.00
Anchor Community Care Supporting Transitions - Breakfast Club and Community Dinner The "Supporting Transitions - Breakfast Club and Community Dinner" program, operating in Lilydale and surrounding areas, works intensively to support young people, exiting State Residential Care with complex histories and experiences of sustained trauma, to transition into independent adults and successful living over a 12 - 24-month time frame. All Council Wards $10,000.00
Foothills Community Care Inc. Mum's Cooking Together Pilot Project Our "Mums Cooking Together Pilot Project" aims to offer a space fortnightly for mums and children with a shared experience of traumatic domestic and family violence. The project will be run from the Upwey kitchen base at Upwey Baptist Church, and will allow people to come together in a safe space and cook together. Chandler, Lyster, Streeton $10,000.00
U3AHealesville.Inc Keeping Seniors Active and Engaged The "Keeping Seniors Active and Engaged" projects aims to provide opportunities, through playing pickleball, for seniors to be physically active in a team game suited to older people. Ryrie $4,000.00
Inspiro Young Leaders - Vaping Prevention The "Young Leaders - Vaping Prevention" program empowers middle years children aged 8-14 from schools in the Yarra Ranges to develop a student voice project promoting the prevention of vaping. Groups of young people chosen by the school, will take part in a series of evidence informed workshops, giving them a greater understanding of vaping, including it’s dangers and the negative impacts on mental health and wellbeing. All Council Wards $7,000.00
Healesville Community Garden Inc Fed by Nature The "Fed by Nature" program will incoporate 10 monthly workshops led by local gardeners and small businesses. Topics will include: Starting a garden, How to grow food, Cooking and preserving produce, Edible weeds and mushrooms, Indigenous edible plants, Flower arranging (with foraged flowers), How to use garden tools, and tool maintenance. Ryrie $5,570.00
Freedom Healesville Inc Chill '"Chill" is a free children's program designed to unify and connect primary and early high school aged children from multiple schools across the Yarra Valley. It is where children in Grade 4, 5, 6 & 7 can come to connect and participate in craft activities, learn to cook and learn basic practical life skills along with team building activities to build resilience. Ryrie $7,000.00
Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia Mentoring for Young People in the Hills The "Mentoring for Young People in the Hills" project aims to set up mechanisms for suitable members of the community to establish one-to-one caring relationships with vulnerable young people in our community. The objective is to employ a Mentoring Coordinator, who will be responsible for the recruiting, screening training and matching of appropriate community members. Chandler, Lyster $8,500.00
The Philanthropic Collective The Free Food Programs '"The Free Food Programs" provides access to fresh fruit and produce to upwards of 900 school children across the ridge and 500 people receiving support each week. By delivering the program through local schools we can ensure that disadvantaged families within our community have access to nutritious food. Streeton, All Council Wards $9,000.00
Yarra Valley ECOSS Crops for Community Volunteer Program '"Crops for Community" (C4C) program aims to educate and empower volunteers of all abilities to grow food crops for both distribution and sale.Currently there are over 50 participants in the program that attend on a weekly basis. This program provides participants with opportunity to be physically active, education around seasonal and healthy eating and growing organic produce from seed to harvest. Produce is taken home by participants, donated to two local food relief agencies: Oonah Indigenous Tuckerbag Program and Koha Community cafe and also sold at ECOSS Valley Market. Giving access for the broader community to organically grown local produce. O'Shannassy $10,000.00
Mooroolbark Community Garden Food for the folk of Mooroolbark Mooroolbark Community Garden will establish a large communal food garden in the Mooroolbark main activity centre, activating underutilised public land to deliver broad community benefits. These will include developing community connectedness through participation in communal food production, workshops and working bees. The project hopes to engage with those experiencing social isolation and increase food security among Mooroolbark Community Garden members and the wider community. Melba $7,500.00
Billanook Primary School Community Kitchen Garden Billanook Primary School's "Community Kitchen Garden" project will foster positive food enjoyment and habits for children. We would like to build capacity for community and all ability groups to access our garden and help maintain the graden spaces. An Indigenous garden will also be planted to incorporate bush tucker and explore the connection to land. We will welcome indigenous groups to assit in the planting and education in this area. Billanook $4,000.00
Eco Warriors Australia Inc Planting the Seed: Helping Schoolchildren to Create a Living Classroom The "Planting the Seed: Helping Schoolchildren to Create a Living Classroom" project will engage with school students from Launching Place Primary School to revegetate degraded vegetation in Jadodade Reserve. It will teach students how to collect local native plant seeds, propagate and care for seedlings, prepare sites for planting, use native plants to revegetate sites and maintain sites to ensure the projects success. Activities will be carried out in conjunction with an Indigenous representative from the Wurundjeri to provide a link with the cultural history of native plants (eg. traditional storytelling, bush tucker). Ryrie $9,000.00
Yarra Ranges Community Toy Libraries Inc Carers "Stay and Play" Borrowing Sessions Yarra Ranges Community Toy Libraries Inc are seeking funds to open a new "Carers Stay and Play Borrowing session" for carers of additional needs children in our local community to have access to the Toy Library in a safe and inclusive environment. These sessions will run weekly and will be advertised within our established carers networks. Billanook, Streeton $7,500.00
Yarra Valley Singers Reaching out through music '"Reaching out through music" is an outreach project for our two inclusive community choirs - reaching out to the wider community through music. Funding will go towards utilising technology to extend our reach to those community members who need social connection the most. All Council Wards $7,400.00
Body of Wellbeing Ltd My Body's Story - Empowering Futures '"My Body’s Story" is a strengths-based, creative wellbeing program that fosters a positive relationship with one’s body and develops the healthy behaviours that support this, including healthy eating and movement. After a highly successful My Body's Story offering for adult women in 2021-22, we seek funding to adapt and implement this program for young women/identifying, co-designing it with and piloting it at Upper Yarra Secondary College. The program culminates in participants presenting their story creatively, and an optional public showcase. O'Shannassy $8,500.00
Cire Services Inc. Level Up after school and holiday program connnecting young people in the Yarra Ranges Cire’s "Level Up" is an inclusive after-school youth group/holiday program providing a safe space for children aged 8-14 years in the Yarra Ranges. Youth will have the opportunity to engage and interact with their peers, play, have fun and most importantly connect and feel a sense of belonging. The program will be delivered at Yarra Junction and Chirnside Park. Chirnside, O'Shannassy $7,500.00
Trek Learning Centre Healthy Masculinity and Healthy Womynhood Program As a community we are witnessing significant crisis for young people who are experiencing a sense of loneliness, lack of belonging and isolation. These experiences are paralleled by the ill-mental health presentations and increased incidents of self-harm/suicidal ideation/hospital admissions/eating disorders/substance use/family breakdown/school refusal/anxiety and depression diagnosis. The Healthy Masculinity and Healthy Womynhood 10-week programs hopes to offer a contrast whereby young people can run towards adulthood with healthy curiosity/a sense of anticipation of their own being/capability/strength/belonging/and joy for what is unfolding - that they can make this transition equipped and supported. Chandler $9,000.00
The Parents Hub (formerly Blair Gowrie House Playgroup Inc) Connected and Healthy Communities The Parents Hub are seeking funding to develop and implement their evidence based "Building Positive Connections" program in partnership with local business; Play Move Improve. They are facilitating regular, small group sessions for parents and their children with special needs. The focus is on supporting parents of children (under 5 years of age) with special needs who may or may not be part of the NDIS. Melba $3,800.00