2023 Grants for Community recipients

1. Arts & Heritage

Applicant Project Title Brief Project Description Council Ward Amount Granted
Sarah Germain Small Hall Gypsy Cabaret "Small Hall Gypsy Cabaret" is a dazzling smorgasbord of live gypsy music, spoken word poetry, dance and cabaret. Headlined by acclaimed festival favourites, The Royal High Jinx, the night will also feature renowned performance poet Fleassy Malay, the stunning gypsy fire-folk of Szara Fox and the Midnight Secrets, along with fire and belly dance shows. A night to reunite, dance and connect in community with a plethora of stunning performances. After the separation created by lockdowns, our event aims to provide a boost to the artistic/creative economy and unite community in an evening that celebrates music, poetry, live performance, dance and the beauty of human connection. Lyster $6,000.00
TarraWarra Museum of Art Limited TarraWarra Biennial 2023 - Public Programs The "TarraWarra Biennial 2023", curated by Léuli Eshrāghi, is an invitation to Australian society to move closer to neighbouring cultures. The exhibition is driven by the curator’s concerns with the ways artists from First Nations, Asian and Great Ocean communities are understood in mainstream Australian exhibitions. This application seeks support for a suite of public programming to genuinely engage with First Nations and CALD communities within Yarra Ranges and beyond. This will be achieved through grassroots community outreach and multi-lingual programs, building TWMA's profile as a culturally safe space and Yarra Ranges as a diverse and accepting community. Ryrie $10,000.00
Yarra Valley Arts Council Inc (known as Yarra Valley Arts) Yarra Valley Open Studios 2023 "Yarra Valley Open Studios 2023" is a highly anticipated annual event held over two weekends in Spring. Local artists are given the opportunity to connect face-to-face with art lovers and other artists, demonstrate their skills/talents and sell their work in their own personal studios. Visitors can enjoy the unique experience of seeing where and how an artist works, their inspiration/s, discuss techniques, exchange tips, be inspired themselves or purely just admire the art. Some artists also offer a hands-on experience or arrange workshops. The Group Exhibition will be held in Healesville, with an additional ‘Showcase’ in Warburton for Upper Yarra artists. Melba, O'Shannassy, Ryrie $10,000.00
Shaula Salathe Singing Up a Storm "Singing up a Storm" will commence as a weekly Family Community Choir session held at the Olinda Community House for all ages and abilities. As numbers grow, there will be potential to create a Children's Choir, a Youth Choir and/or a Rainbow Chorus (representing the LGBTQI community). Funding for the project will be dedicated to venue hire, a Music Director, music, backing tracks, an Accompanist, bi-annual piano tuning, insurance, promotion and a launch/celebration event. Streeton $5,000.00
EMACH Inc Creative Expressions for Artists and Art challenged EMACH, in partnership with Burrinja, would like to present "Creative Expressions for Artists and Art Challenged"; a monthly crafting workshop targeting anyone who wishes to explore their creative side. The project will include activities such as painting, sewing, eco-dyeing, nature walks (to collect materials and encourage connection to the land) and exploration of mixed media. The workshops aim to enable participants to express themselves through art, enhance their overall well-being and make lasting community connections. A online exhibition will be held. Streeton $10,000.00
Rebecca Filliponi All The Feels Community Art and Well-being Project '"All The Feels Community Art and Well-being Project" aims to provide a space for 6-12 year old children to discuss difficulties they may be experiencing, explore their strengths, investigate self-worth and learn strategies to encourage and strengthen their positive mental health/well-being. There will also be the opportunity to create art together (on Family Installation Days) and create the final Community Well-being Garden. In 2023 the emphasis will be on increasing the sense of community and connection, by creating something that everyone, especially children and families, can enjoy. O'Shannassy, All $10,000.00
Angie Macmillan Where Water Flows "Where Water Flows" is a community awareness project focusing on the river that flows through Yarra Glen from the mountains to the sea. It is aimed at younger families/members in the community and seeks to encourage inquiry, exploration and self expression through a series of creative arts experiences/workshops. These will include indigenous story telling, puppet making and a community walk/parade to honour the river. This parade will bring together past, present and future to invoke a journey of greater understanding, a connection to place and the conception of responsibility and stewardship. It will create an avenue for the young to express a voice for the future. Ryrie $7,000.00
Bogong Centre for Sound Culture Between Two Sites The "Between Two Sites" exhibition and relating programs respond to the impact of human activity on habitats in the Yarra Ranges and Alpine Shire. The project will engage diverse audience participation and deliver multiple learning experiences through a series of artist talks, workshops and a sound walk. It will aim to bring together contemporary art practices and critical local stories to create a forum for environmental issues affecting the habitats of the two regions. Works will include audio-visual and site-specific installations, ephemeral sculptures, photography and sound-art. Curated by Madelynne Cornish and Sarah Lynch for the B–CSC, it will showcas Victorian and international artists who are B–CSC alumni. Melba $9,968.00
The Valley Market Warburton The Valley Market Warburton '"The Valley Market Warburton" runs on the first Sunday of each month (excluding January) from 11am - 3pm. Set in the heart of Warburton, the Valley Market supports local food producers, artisan makers, community groups and artists. It provides a platform to sell products, run workshops and provides access to multi-cultural food stalls. A stage features local musicians and hosts a range of multi-cultural performers providing entertainment for all ages. The Valley Market is delivered by a mentored youth team, who are given the opportunity to develop skills such as; project management, sound engineering, stall coordination, lay out/set up and event planning. O'Shannassy $10,000.00
Dandenong Ranges Orchestra Dandenong Ranges Orchestra Season 2023 "Dandenong Ranges Orchestra Season 2023" will consist of four orchestra concerts throughout the year showcasing the talents of local classical/popular musicians (vocal and instrumental). The orchestra intends to invite pre/post music graduates to participate in these concerts as mentors to orchestra members, whilst simultaneously offering them mentorship opportunities from a professional Music Director. All $5,000.00
Cora Zon Zinezibar "Zinezibar" aims to build a culture of zine making in the Yarra Ranges. "Zinezibar" will facilitate zine making workshops for families and teens within the branches of the Eastern Regional libraries, culminating in a zine exhibition at Healesville Library in November 2023. The theme for "Zinezibar" 2023 is "These are a few of my favourite things." Choosing to focus on the good things in life activates the Central Vagus Nerve, which can lead to feelings of relaxation and connectedness. Identifying and sharing personal glimmers in the format of a zine is a creative way to build community and wellbeing. All $3,000.00
Hills Creative Alliance Stories of the Storm - June 2021 "Stories of the Storm - June 2021" is a project aimed at exploring ways to archive (published, recorded or filmed) the stories of community members who experienced the 2021 June storms. Details captured will include; the exceptional and unusual ferocity of winds, trauma of trees falling, devastation to property, stories of community and emergency services that provided immediate aid/relief, the weeks without power and the impacts felt the year following the event. A team of local community will receive training on how to best record these oral histories, how to archive them and how we share them. A website is currently in production which will be a useful platform for communication. Chandler, Lyster, Streeton $2,000.00
Phoebe Lines Empublishment Project: Empowerment through Creative Writing and Publishing The "Empublishment Project: Empowerment through Creative Writing and Publishing", is a 12 week creative writing course for young people of diverse backgrounds. It will explore identity, belonging and connection to place, with a focus on inter-generational relationship building. With professional mentors, the program aims to enhance creative capacity and community building, and provide positive mental health outcomes. This project will result in a professionally published book, a local launch, employment opportunities (as published authors presenting at future writing workshops) and financial remuneration in the form of royalties, public lending rights and educational lending rights. O'Shannassy, Ryrie $10,000.00
Christelise de Graaf Hills Singers The "Hills Singers" will be an all-abilities, all-genders, adult choir based in the Dandenong Ranges. It will be a supportive and encouraging musical community, fostering engagement and learning through regular rehearsals and performances. The "Hills Singers" main focus is to create a platform for social connection. Alongside this, the choir’s repertoire will be aimed at performances, giving the group a shared goal and purpose for their weekly rehearsals. Performances will be arranged around established collaborative community events and in key creative spaces within the Yarra Ranges. Lyster, Streeton $5,000.00
Ethne Pfeiffer Walkin’ and Talkin’ Together Aboriginal educator/creative, Jenine Godwin-Thompson, has envisioned a work that speaks to the Uluru Statement from the Heart and builds cultural connections on Wurundjeri land. Set in Queen’s Park, alongside OONAH Belonging Place in Healesville, the "Walkin’ and Talkin’ Together" project includes; enhancing the existing bridge over Don Road drain with paint and natural materials, mosaic pathways leading to the bridge (telling a cultural story), and signage with cultural stories. It will aim to continue our reconciliation journey, with a special focus on children. Council's Team Leader (Northern Parks) will work with the project to ensure it meets Council's standards. Ryrie $10,000.00
Cath Russell Curious Tales: the Songs and Stories we Tell "Curious Tales: the Songs and Stories we Tell" is a strength based, early childhood, songwriting and music therapy program. It will work with children and families to creatively experience, problem solve and celebrate their world. The creative songwriting techniques used will be tailored to the specific needs and interests of participants. For example, when Cath's 3 year old daughter was afraid of fog, Cath told her that fog was really a "Curious Cloud" coming to visit. Walking into fog then became a family song. The program will conclude with a performance at Olinda Community House, with opportunities for children to participate. "Curious Tales: the Songs and Stories we Tell" will be filmed and then provided as a resource for Olinda Community House, participants and local kindergartens. Chandler, Streeton $10,000.00
Peter Mcilwain Bird Child Spirit "Bird Child Spirit" will consist of sound installations staged across three locations within the Yarra Ranges. The installations will use recordings of children pretending to be birds. The public can experience the sounds as they are played in a distributed fashion throughout a patch of bushland. The recordings will be sourced from children who live in the region in which the sound installation is staged, and will connect professional artistic processes with communities. Funding is required to secure a highly skilled artist to work with interest groups, families and children in the creation of the recordings and installation. The project leverages technology, art and working processes developed during the Art Attack installation 2022. All $9,955.00
Sherbrooke Foothills Historical Society Reflections of the Past "Reflections of the Past" will be a revised and updated reprint of a highly successful, 25 year old publication. It will cover a selection of historical facts (involving text and photographs) on the townships along the railway line from upper Ferntree Gully to Belgrave, and beyond. The Sherbooke Foothills Historical Society carried on the good work of writer, historian and researcher, Helen Coulson, improving and adding to some of her work, and building a more comprehensive record. The "Reflections of the Past" project will also incude an Open Day display and public launch. All $3,562.72
Emma Jennings Windthrown - from the Southeast

This community-centred art project will create a series of painting by Olinda artist Emma Jennings, and a collaborative community art installation. Supported by trauma informed processes, the artwork aims to sensitively document the emotional and physical impacts of the June 9, 2021, storm on people (the experiences of impacted residents, volunteers and first responders) place and landscape.

An exhibition of the work at Emma Jennings Gallery in Olinda will provide the opportunity and space for communities to engage and connect with the stories of each artwork, explore their shared experiences, build social connections and promote healing.


All $10,000.00

2. Community development

 Applicant Project Title  Brief Project Description  Council Ward Amount granted
The Good Life Farm Limited '"Our Community - Resilience & Inclusion Program" The intensive "Our Community Resilience & Inclusion Program" focuses on; inclusion, mental health & wellbeing, team building, resilience, physical health, active involvement within community and relationship building. Offered to 24 vulnerable people between the ages of 12 and 17, the program will be delivered across a four day period by a Psychologist and will be supported by diversely qualified youth workers. The program is also inclusive of intensive equine therapy. "Our Community - Resilience & Inclusion Program" will support & promote strong and sustainable connections with positive impacts reaching the entire community. Ryrie $5,000.00
Anchor Challenge for Change "Watch me Rise" The "Challenge for Change - Watch me Rise" program aims to reconnect, engage and support young people within the FOYER. Designed by young people, it is inclusive of all genders and ethnicities and has been created with the intention of being “much less scary” for participants. Operating over a 12-month period, external community partners will provide activities/sessions such as; a Social Connections Committee, Neami Mental Health workshops, weekly nutrition sessions and weekly physical movement/PT/wellbeing sessions with a local provider. Billanook $10,000.00
Yarra Valley ECOSS Crops for Community Volunteer Program The "Crops for Community Volunteer Program" enables opportunities for connection, skill building and greater food security within the Yarra Valley. It educates volunteers of all abilities to grow food crops for distribution and sale. This initiative connects many existing collaborations, such as ECOSS Crops for Community Program, ECOSS Weekly Produce Market, ECOSS Nursery, Koha Community Cafe, Oonah Indigenous Services Tuckerbag Program and other local food relief organisiations. We are seeking funding for facilitation of the program, expansion of our Community Garden and Nursery upgrades. O'Shannassy $10,000.00
Women's Health East Kids, Coffee and Connection: Bringing Mothers Together "Kids, Coffee and Connection: Bringing Mothers Together" is a social connection project aimed at mothers of babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers in the Woori Yallock catchment. The project will provide a space for mothers to come together to connect and learn while their children play. It will involve the delivery of regular, supported sessions, with workshops on topics such as maternal and child health and wellbeing issues, women's health issues, and fun activities such as craft workshops. The ultimate aim of the program is to reduce feelings of social isolation and improve women's mental health and wellbeing. O'Shannassy, Ryrie $5,000.00
Yarra Valley Singers COVID Recovery The Yarra Valley Singers "Covid-19 Recovery Program" endeavours to improve the capability and engagement of the choir whilst sustaining community connection throughout the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Funds will go towards improving quality of rehearsals via video technology (to enable members to take part in online rehearsals), purchase of additional online music and other specialist equipment (creating opportunities for disabled/elderly Choristers), employing an IT Coordinator and training a minimum of two volunteers. All $8,000.00
Healesville Interchurch Community Care Inc Dinner at Darron's Community Meal "Dinner at Darron's Community Meal" is a nutritious, two course weekly meal served to the community on a Tuesday evening. All are welcome to attend with no charge or booking required. With a budget of $200, six teams of volunteers will prepare and provide approximately 60 meals. An additional team of volunteers welcomes the patrons and joins them for the meal. A HICCI staff member is also present for support and assistance as required. Whilst the program is primarily designed to provide food, feedback from patrons indicates that the social engagement enjoyed by the community is paramount. Lyster, Ryrie $5,000.00
Community Information and Support Victoria Social Inclusion Matters - Fun for EVERYONE As Covid-19 has heavily impacted many community members abilities to meet basic needs, the "Social Inclusion Matters - Fun for EVERYONE" project will provide people experiencing social isolation and financial hardship with the opportunity to re-connect in a safe environment. The CIS Yarra Ranges team will identify community members seeking community connection and support with mental health and wellbeing, and link them with the relevant Community House to support engagement through group activities. All $2,000.00
Interchange Outer East Lead the Way "Lead the Way" is a one day volunteering workshop for students of the Yarra Ranges run by Interchange Outer East and the Outer Eastern Local Learning and Employment Network (OELLEN). The workshop will include; youth empowerment/leadership specific speakers, a hands-on experience - living with a disability - How does it feel?, lunch and laughs and team building activities. The workshop aims to provide skills for volunteers in disability settings including; emotional/physical support, informed compassion - what does living with a disability feel like?, engaging in the community and looking after each other. Lyster, Walling $5,201.90
Mt Evelyn Community House and Reading Room Empowering Carers and Families "Empowering Carers and Families" is a selection of community workshops and luncheons for carers and carers with the child they care for. Workshops will be delivered in a nurturing, non judgmental community space and provide peer connection, opportunities to share journeys/experiences, support and knowledge. The workshops/luncheons dedicated specifically for carers (who are often socially disadvantaged) will be focused on the areas of health/wellbeing and creative arts. The workshops/luncheons for the carer/child duo, will focus on creative arts, yoga and mindfulness skills transferrable to everyday life. Carer/child workshops provide designated carer and child focused time for fun, a sense of achievement and opportunities for increased positive relationships. Billanook $6,940.00
CHAOS Inc: Lilydale Community House Cook Eat Chat Repeat "Cook Eat Chat Repeat" offers community members the opportunity to learn how to cook nutritious, healthy meals with ease, whilst interacting, socialising and establishing connections with others in the process. There will be two types of cooking classes available; a formal "Cooking for One" session, and an informal weekly activity designed to bring people together to prepare and eat soup. All demographics are welcome to participate. The expected outcomes include cooking skills, engagement, newly created community connections and a reduction in social isolation. Billanook $5,000.00
Belgrave Food Garden Creating a sustainable food system for the Hills community In collaboration with Belgrave Library, the Belgrave Food Garden seeks to provide theoretical and practical know-how to successfully support the community to grow their own healthy, low-cost food. Running workshops and courses in the community garden space will allow social connections to form and improve mental health and wellbeing. A community compost scheme will be established by collaborating with Belgrave traders and Living Learning Pakenham, which will aim to turn produce destined for landfill into materials to feed the garden. The project will endeavour to grow food that will be shared with the community and those in need, and establish a financially and environmentally sustainable food system in the Hills. Lyster $10,000.00
SisterWorks Inc. Capacity Building and Social Connectedness for Migrant and Refugee Women in the Yarra Ranges The Mobile Hub provides workshops to build social connections and economic empowerment to Sisters in the Yarra Ranges. It provides opportunities for women in areas where access to services is limited. Workshops have been co-designed by the target cohort and local partners, to ensure the services offered suit the needs of this specific community. Classes will include; sewing, hospitality, generic and industry specific pre-employment and small business accelerators. All workshops are designed to support women to develop practical skills, build their confidence, develop a sense of agency and value their unique experiences. Billanook $3,500.00
Kalorama Collective Kalorama Connections "Kalorama Connections" is a project designed to build community connections within Kalorama and across the local hills villages. The program will enhance community spaces whilst featuring local events, training and a cooking and food program. With a specific focus on storm disaster victims, those affected by the ongoing pandemic and those who may be isolated or facing barriers to community inclusion; the project will deliver practical, immediate results. Support will be provided by ongoing effective partnerships with other local groups and the Yarra Ranges Council. Chandler, Streeton $8,000.00
Woori Community House Inc Seniors Digital Literacy In partnership with the Be Connected Program and Eastern Regional Libraries, the "Seniors Digital Literacy" program will target seniors 65+ to build their digital literacy skills, enabling them to better connect with family, friends and community. It will consist of basic, 3 hour workshops over a duration of 46 weeks (flexible delivery will be guaranteed to ensure workshops are relevant for the learner using their own devices). Class sizes will be small (no larger than 6 to 8 participants) to ensure maximum learning opportunities, and a variety of digital devices will be introduced to extend knowledge and understanding. The program will also incorporate practical activities to develop skills, such as a "Communication Tree" to develop new ways of communicating. O'Shannassy, Ryrie $5,000.00
St Brigid's Catholic Parish Healesville Care Group St Brigid's Care Group Wellbeing Clinic "St Brigid's Care Group Wellbeing Clinic" is a half-day wellbeing clinic for elderly and disabled Healesville residents. It will consist of presentations on healthy diet and healthy living, consultations and therapy sessions (provided by masseurs), yoga practice (including wheelchair yoga) and exercise therapy. It will also provide facilitation of mindfulness activities, including card and jewellery making. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the isolation from families and friends has severely affected the elderly and disabled. This clinic would address both the physical and mental wellbeing of the attendees, and provide reassurance that they continue to be valued members of our community. Ryrie $2,215.00
Healesville Community Renewable Energy Inc T/A Healesville CoRE Community Engagement - Stage 2 of the Community Outreach Program In 2021, Healesville CoRE was thrilled to received funding from Yarra Ranges Council to develop a Community Outreach Program. In order to complete this project, Healesville CoRE requires further funding to employ an experienced community engagement facilitator. This individual will contact local community and sporting groups and manage trained CoRE volunteers to visit and educate community on renewable energy options. Ryrie $9,520.00
Japara Neighbourhood House Community Sustainable Food Garden The "Community Sustainable Food Garden" supports physical and mental health and wellbeing by enhancing social inclusion, sustainable living and food security. The project will focus on 3 major avenues; Community Education, Community Gardening and Community Food. Community Education will involve; inclusive, adaptive and engaging education on sustainable living, organic and hard waste reduction, food gardening and healthy eating skills. Informal skill-sharing between members will further enhance self-worth and empowerment. The Community Gardening avenue aims to contribute to planning, growing, harvesting, and enjoying sensory experiences, nature play, and reflective spaces. Community Food will involve learning sustainable healthy food sources, a regular "Montrose Community Cupboard - Food is Free" market and community meals. Walling $10,000.00
Inspiro Step and Connect Lilydale "Step and Connect Lilydale" will involve the production of an active living map and series of pop-up events. The map will detail existing and newly created point of interest art installations, historical and cultural points of interest, walking maps, green spaces, bike nodes and outdoor recreation assets in Lilydale. It will align with and facilitate the "Activation of Walking" initiatives and bring community awareness/sustainability around active travel opportunities. A series of 6 co-designed pop-ups targeting women and girls will also be implemented. This aims to encourage social connection and foster community engagement. "Step and Connect Lilydale" will allow for greater visibility and create more opportunities to be active in the Lilydale area. Billanook, Melba $10,000.00
EACH Social and Community Health The Rural Rainbows – Peer Support Groups for LGBTQIA+ young people in the Yarra Ranges "The Rural Rainbows" is a Lilydale based, peer led social support group for LGBTQIA+ young people (aged 12-25) in the Yarra Ranges. Our overall objective is to increase the mental health, wellbeing and resilience of local LGBTQIA+ young people. The program will provide/include; safe and vibrant spaces for LGBTQIA+ young people that celebrate inclusion and diversity, social activities, educational sessions, guest speakers, events, and provide support and reduce isolation for all members. Funding will allow us to continue running our successful Lilydale group, whilst expanding to create similar groups covering the Upper Yarra (Yarra Junction), Healesville and surrounding regions. Billanook, O'Shannassy, Ryrie $5,000.00
Warburton Advancement League Inc Cerini Centre Social & Affordable Housing Project The "Cerini Centre Social & Affordable Housing Project" seeks funding to enable preparation of a Specialised Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA) and a Bushfire Development Report (BDR). These reports cover the proposed development area for the Cerini Centre Social & Affordable Housing Project and are essential in obtaining pre-development approval from the Yarra Ranges Council. The reports are critical in enabling the project to progress to the development phase. O'Shannassy $9,000.00
Vantage Point Community Boosting Healthy Food Accessibility The "Boosting Healthy Food Accessibility" project is aimed at increasing the ratio of healthy food distributed through our foodbank program, providing healthier food options and encouraging and motivating participants to eat healthy. Our goal is for Yarra Ranges residents to have access to nutritious food, gain skills and feel motivated to prepare healthy meals for themselves and their families. In addition, we will create accessible, inclusive education on preparing low-cost, practical and high quality meals. Melba $5,000.00
Outer East Foodshare Inc. Outer East Foodshare - Post-COVID Support Outer East Food share have been working with the emergency food relief agencies to facilitate deliveries of perishable foods. We are seeking funding support to allow our operations to continue to function (rather than scaling back), to ensure we can expand support to those in need. While we continue to seek donations, the current environment has seen those funds reduce. Demand has increased 14x since the start of Covid-19, and we need support to ensure we can continue to operate and provide the required support to the community. All $10,000.00
ADRA Redwood Community Centre Functional Fitness and Fun "Functional Fitness and Fun" is an inclusive fitness training program held in Warburton for all ages and abilities. Involving minimal equipment, sessions will be run by a qualified trainer and aim to to include people who have limited access to transport or funds. It will also aim to include those who are uncomfortable attending a formal gym for mental health reasons, feelings of overwhelm or other emotional barriers. Babysitting will be available and participants will be encouraged to commit on a term-by-term basis (new comers will also be welcome throughout). Exercises will modified to suit abilities and needs - furthering the programs inclusive nature. O'Shannassy $10,000.00
Koha Community Cafe Inc. Koha Connects 3799 - Meaningful, Mindful and Fun Activities to Foster Community Koha seeks funding to create new connections within community and reconnect with people that have moved away as a result of Covid-19. The aim of the "Koha Connects 3799 - Meaningful, Mindful and Fun Activities to Foster Community" project is to enhance the health and wellbeing of community through mindful, meaningful engagements. New and ongoing activities and extra food services have been requested by locals upon the reopening of the WCS in a bid to enjoy activities locally rather than travelling further afield. The proposed "Treasure Hunt" activity will connect locals with their beautiful town, Warburton, highlighting its natural beauty and creative features, whilst the "Time Capsule" activity offers an opportunity for healing. O'Shannassy $9,868.00
OELLEN Yarra Ranges Youth Career Expo 2023 '"Yarra Ranges Youth Career Expo 2023" will be an event that brings together parents, young people, industry, career experts and job services. The event is aimed at 15-25 year olds and will fill a recognised gap in career education. Through panel presentations, interactive break out rooms (covering job readiness, job seeking skills and apprenticeship pathways) and marketplace stalls (representing a diverse range of careers and supports), attendees will be have access to an abundance of information in one convenient location. Melba $7,500.00
Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne) Engaging the Matu Community The "Engaging the Matu Community" project seeks to continue engagement with the Matu Community living in the Shire of Yarra Ranges. The program will deliver three programs: Sewing (meeting weekly for 18 weeks, bringing together Matu women to learn sewing skills and to socialise), Swimming (for 12 children for 16 weeks at Kilsyth Centenary Pool to teach swimming, encourage physical activity and promote access to local amenities), and Badminton (weekly for up to 20 men and women across 16 weeks to provide opportunities to socialise, participate in physical activity and access local amenities). Walling $10,000.00
Eco Warriors Australia Bridging The Gaps: Wildlife Rope Bridges for Native Arboreal Marsupials in Storm Impacted Habitat The "Bridging The Gaps: Wildlife Rope Bridges for Native Arboreal Marsupials in Storm Impacted Habitat" project will install wildlife rope bridges in areas with extensive damage from the 2021 June storms. The project will aim to restore habitat connectivity, particularly in the upper canopy. Volunteers from the local community will be engaged to create sections of simple flat rope bridge. In close collaboration with landowners (including Yarra Ranges Council), ecologists and arborists at Ecology and Restoration Australia, will work to install the bridges in key locations. The local community will be further involved in ongoing monitoring - including analysis of remote camera images. Eco Warriors Australia expect to involve a range of community groups, interested individuals, schools, homeschoolers and local environmental groups. Billanook, Ryrie, Streeton $9,962.50
Healesville Living and Learning Centre Our Community Celebration "Our Community Celebration", held on International Social Justice Day, will be an event welcoming community into the Healesville Living and Learning Centre. After establishing a steering group, including various intersectionalities, we will be exploring how we can provide an opportunity for celebrating the diverse community to which we belong. This will allow for the community to explore the diverse and varied programs and projects we are undertaking at HLLC, and inform future directions for the Centre. Ryrie $2,500.00


3. Festivals & events

 Applicant  Project Title  Brief Project Despcription Council Ward  Amount Granted
Victorian Skateboard Association (VSA) INC Yarra Ranges Downhill Festival 2023 The "Yarra Ranges Downhill Festival 2023" will be a three day downhill skate and luge event taking place at Mt Donna Buang, Warburton,Victoria. It will attract international, interstate and local riders to compete as part of a national and global circuit. The event will revolve around downhill skateboard & street luge racing in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment, and will further connect riders with their local community and the wider international scene. O'Shannassy $10,000.00
Yarra Valley ECOSS Rhythms of The World "Rhythms of The World" will be a full day of musical workshops, performances and food from five cultures from around the globe (Indigenous Australia, West Africa, Brazil/South America, India and The Chin Community).

The event will include a grand finale stage performance focussing on percussion, drumming and dance. The aim of this performance, and the event overall, is to weave together the different rhythms from around the world and create an incredible cross cultural experience for all. It will bring people from various cultural backgrounds together to speak the shared language of music!
O'Shannassy $10,000.00
The Philanthropic Collective Halloween on the Green '"Halloween on the Green" (HotG) is a community led festival aimed at supporting the local school community and families facing hardship. The festival focuses on creative expression, cultural diversity and the exploration of ideas about death and ancestry. In 2023, HotG will feature the usual array of activities and entertainment; performances by local musicians, free carnival rides, stilt walkers, face painting, story-telling, market stalls, a trick or treat trail, a best dressed competition, a dunking machine and informative billboards (detailing global Halloween cultural celebrations). School groups and community organisations are invited to participate and self fund raise. Streeton $10,000.00
Selby Community House SelbyFest 2023 "SelbyFest 2023" is a free Music and Arts festival celebrating the community of the Dandenong Ranges. It is an event focused on our environment, culture and inclusivity, and is comprised of; performances on an open air music stage, exhibitions, buskers, health and wellbeing activities, local business and food stalls, art displays/workshops, environmental and CFA displays, tours of Wominjeka Bush Food Garden and our Wombalana Wild Garden and playground. In 2023 there will be an increased focus on community awareness around sustainability (through our Terracycle program), and initiatives on how we can support community with disasters and recovery. Lyster $9,840.00
Kilsyth Community Action Group (KCAG) Kilsyth Festival '"Kilsyth Festival" aims to provide a village fair experience that brings residents and visitors together in a relaxed environment. The format will provide for approximately 40 stalls, with activity and entertainment centres operated by; local service providers, cultural and sporting groups, craftspeople, individual performers, schools and traders. This broad scope intends to offer something for all segments of our community, whilst encouraging awareness and everlasting local shopping. The intended long term outcomes are greater community cohesion and identity, and increased patronage of Kilsyth traders. Walling $10,000.00
Mount Evelyn Township Group (incorporated as Mount Evelyn Township Improvement Committee) Mount Evelyn Street Party The "Mount Evelyn Street Party 2023" is a free festival that draws the community together in celebration of their township. Hosted by the Mt Evelyn Township Group (METG) since its inception in 2001, this will be the festival's 12th occurrence. With roads closed to create appropriate spaces, attractions will include; market and food stalls, free/low-cost activities, a parade, performance stages, roving performers, workshops and community information. Billanook $10,000.00
Ranges Academy of Performing Arts Inc. (RAPA) Lantern & Light International Children's Film FestivaL 2023 The "Lantern & Light International Children's Film Festival 2023" is a unique 3 day festival of films made by people under the age of 18 from the Yarra Ranges. It will include national and international components which draw upon the motto "Giving Voice to Our Children for Their Future". Ranges Academy of Performing Arts film making students will create and submit films under the mentorship of RAPA’s founding Director, Rainsford Towner. The festival will also include a free "Best of LLICFF Regional Tour" in 4 Yarra Valley regional communities during the September school holidays. Lyster $9,280.00
The River Folk Festival The River Folk Festival 2023 "The River Folk Festival 2023" is a community led 3 day music festival held in Warburton. It celebrates the diverse creativity and culture of the area and showcases high quality local, national, and international musical acts over multiple stages. The festival activates public spaces and brings life, vibrancy and colour to Warburton and the Yarra Ranges region. It aims to promote and strengthen the cultural identity of the community and celebrate it as a vibrant hub of culture, art and environmental awareness. The River Folk Festival adheres to the highest ethical, environmental sustainability and cultural inclusivity standards, and commits to community consultation, collaboration and inclusivity at it's heart. All $10,000.00
Opus Twenty One (Eastern Suburbs Community) Big Band Incorporated Big Band In The Park "Big Band in the Park" is an opportunity for local musicians and vocalists to publicly perform and showcase their musical talents. The community will be provided free entertainment of the highest standard across two Sunday afternoon concerts at the Queens Park Sound Shell (during summer and autumn 2023). The SES VIC (Healesville Branch) will also be in attendance providing information packs, gifts for children, tea/coffee/soft drinks and a sausage sizzle as a fund raiser for their brigade. Ryrie $3,825.00
Ecstatic Arts Incorporated Blacksmiths and Artisans Festival The "Blacksmiths and Artisans Festival" is a free pre-modern arts, crafts and lost trades festival held at Mont De Lancey Historic Museum. Since 2005, this unique, alternative, tourism experience has engaged hundreds of volunteers and thousands of tourists. It has kept the venue and its artisans engaged, visible, socially relevant and financially viable for many years. Diverse art, history and culture enthusiasts are invited to share their fascinations and joy of making. Participants develop expertise, networks, sales and exposure. The festival will include; blacksmiths, painters at their easels, medieval battles, viking crafts displays, a gypsy market, knife and sword makers, candle making and a historic handcraft market. Chandler $10,000.00
Yarra Ranges Film Society Warburton Film Festival 2023 The "Warburton Film Festival 2023" will take place over a weekend in June, and feature 8 film sessions spread over 3 days. The program will include a festival dinner and an opening night event. The "Warburton Film Festival 2023" aims to showcase recent, quality feature films from a variety of genres and countries of origin. 2023 will be its 38th year of operation. O'Shannassy $2,000.00
Celebrate Mooroolbark incorporated Yarra Valley Wool and Handicraft Show The "Yarra Valley Wool and Handicraft Show" (YVWHS) is a popular event held annually in Mooroolbark. Originally conceived and run by Mooroolbark Wool, the event now comes under the banner of Celebrate Mooroolbark Inc, making it a NFP event. We receive a partnership grant for the Celebrate Mooroolbark Festival, but no funding for this particular event. We seek funding to expand the event to include more local talent and makers. This will provide more opportunity for people of all ages, cultures, abilities and genders to participate. Melba $5,000.00
Australia Chin Community (Eastern Melbourne) Inc THO PUAI (Harvest Festival) - Celebration The Chin Harvest Festival ("Tho Puai") is a "Thanksgiving Day" that celebrates traditional Chin Arts & Culture. Due to the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic, it has not been publicly celebrated for two years. It is a special festival that incorporates activities and entertainment and freely showcases the pride of Chin tradition. In celebrating this event with the wider Yarra Ranges community, the emerging Chin community will expand and engage with existing community. In delivering this project on a larger outdoor scale, the impacts amongst local community will be more widespread. Billanook, Chirnside, Melba $10,000.00
Upper Yarra Historical Society Ride Into History '"Ride Into History" is a bicycle ride/event held across two consecutive nights along the Lilydale-Warburton Rail Trail. Small vignettes focussing on particular themes, based on local history, will be performed along the ride. Themes will be as follows: Warburton - tourism, Millgrove - timber industry, Wesburn - Anzacs, and Upper Yarra Museum - trains, railway and the Queen's visit. A local theatre group will create the vignettes, and a projector company will provide historical background image/film projections on locations with a mobile projector on a bicycle. The aim is to make our local pioneering heritage better known and to highlight the profile of the Historical Society and the Museum as the guardians of our local history. O'Shannassy $10,000.00
Lilydale Township Action Group (LTAG) Fun & Films At The Park "Fun & Films At The Park" will be an event focused on relaxation and connection for all community to enjoy. Held at a public space (Melba Park or Lions Park), "Fun & Films At The Park" will involve a free outdoor cinema showing, games, events and simple food. Due to the ongoing risk of Covid-19 infection, the use of an outdoor space will reduce the risk of infection, whilst still providing the social connection and village atmosphere that is so beneficial to the community’s health and well being. Billanook $4,500.00
Ruccis circus school auspiced by Auspicious Art Inc Burrinja Circus Festival The "Burrinja Circus Festival" is an annual event held at Burrinja Cultural Centre in Upwey. Ruccis works to curate a festival that consists of professional and student performances and workshops for the local and wider community. Lyster $10,000.00