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Members of the Dandenong Ranges Music Council received a small grant in 2018.

Small Grants can support not-for-profit groups with opportunities and challenges in their communities. Eligible community groups and individuals can apply once in a financial year for projects meeting the criteria and eligibility requirements (this enables fair access across groups and organisations in Yarra Ranges).

Council’s Small Grants open monthly (except December) and close on the last day of each month. Applicants will be notified of assessment outcomes approximately four weeks from the closing date of the round.

Please note - no retrospective funding is awarded - if the event occurs during the month that the grant is applied for, it is considered retrospective. We encourage applications to be submitted at least 2 months prior to your activity or event taking place.

Small Grants Categories

Applications that promote a healthy and connected community and social inclusion will be considered across the following categories:

  • Connected & Vibrant Communities (up to $1000)
  • Community Planning for acknowledged Community Plans (up to $1000)
  • Community Relief & Recovery Fund (up to $1000)
  • Economic development (up to $1000)
  • Youth Pathways (up to $250)
  • Sports Participation (up to $500)
  • In-Kind: Hall and facility hire (up to the value of $300)
  • In-Kind: Resources for waste management (up to 30 bins).

Funding is awarded on a competitive basis.



The following important requirements demonstrate the foundations for projects to be successful. 

The following eligibility requirements must be met.

  • Recipient organisations must be a not for profit community group/organisation, a registered charity or incorporated not for profit organisation. Groups are not required to have an ABN to apply, however it is strongly encouraged that they do.

  • Community groups that are not incorporated must have their application auspiced by an eligible incorporated organisation through an Auspice Agreement*

  • Arts groups and individual artists that are not incorporated must have their application auspiced by an eligible incorporated organisation (as above)

  • Projects must occur in Yarra Ranges and deliver all outcomes in Yarra Ranges

  • Projects must have suitable public liability insurance that covers the duration of the project. If the organisation/individual does not have public liability insurance at the time of application, a funding condition will be added that they must provide evidence of insurance cover before the grant is paid.

  • Public liability insurance requirements do not apply to Sports Participation or Youth Pathway categories on the basis that sports and auspice organisations have this insurance. Applicants asked to confirm this.

  • Small grant applications related to existing Grants for Community or Partnership projects will be assessed against the following criteria. Additional funding may be approved if it is:

  • A stand-alone activity or project with a specific budget not included in the original grant project

  • A project that will add value to the original project or event

  • Does not duplicate elements of the original project or event

  • The assessment panel for annual grants recommended an application as the project did not receive full funding and the Small Grants program was a fair way to support the project.

  • Minor Equipment, Equipment maintenance and Materials - Applications that are for the sole purpose of purchasing equipment or materials e.g., art supplies, BBQ for fundraisers, will be capped at $500 and the project is required to clearly align with Council’s Small Grants objectives.

  • Schools can apply for:
    • Project/activities that have wider community benefit (promotes social inclusion outcomes).
    • In-Kind waste and/or venue hire for events.
    • School fundraising events or activities (will be capped at $500).
  • Dedicated fundraising events can receive apply for up to $500 and need to demonstrate how the fundraising effort will meet the criteria of building social inclusion in the community.
  • In-Kind Waste and/or Venue hire for events.
  • Applications to run camps are not eligible.

Ineligible applications

Applications will be ineligible if funding is intended for: 

  • A program that is the responsibility of State or Federal Governments

  • Activities that take place outside Yarra Ranges, excluding Sports Participation and Youth Pathways categories

  • New building, capital works or facility maintenance works. Minor works can be considered for up to 50% of a project budget - if the project clearly aligns with Small Grants program objectives.

  • Ongoing staff salaries or administration cost

  •  Projects that are for core school curriculum activities and school based projects that do not engage the wider community

  •  Camps or overnight activities involving young persons are not eligible to apply.

  • Projects with the singular purpose of promoting religion or politics

  • Training, study or academic research here or overseas

  • Applications that are solely for attending forums, workshops and conferences, with the exception of: Youth Pathways and sponsorship of conferences in line with the Economic Development aims

  • Retrospective funding of projects. Applicants need to submit their application before the event or activity occurs. Please note that the activity or event must not take place prior to grant round closing or the assessment timeline

  • Subsidising ongoing or regular use of Council’s halls or facilities

  • Awards, purchase of trophies and competitions

Please be aware that it can take up to four weeks for funding to be distributed to successful applicants. We recommend applying for a grant at least two months before your event.

Key dates and timelines

The Small Grants Program runs on a monthly basis. Applications are assessed quickly, with a turn around time of under four weeks. Approximate times are detailed below.
Please note, Small Grants applications are not open during the month of December each year.
Applications can be submitted in advance.
Applications cannot be submitted after the event or activity has already passed.
Activities must take place after the grant has been awarded.
  • Rounds closes - last calendar day of each month
  • Assessment - Two to three weeks from round closing
  • Notification - Four weeks after closing date

2024 Small Grant Recipients

To view our most recent Small Grant Recipients for 2024 please visit:

Small Grant Recipients




How to apply

Step 1.Step 1 

Before applying for a Small Grant you must read the Small Grants program guidelines. We recommend carefully looking through the eligibility, selection criteria and key definitions.

We encourage applications to be submitted at least 2 months prior to your activity or event taking place.

Step 2.Step 2

Make sure you register for a SmartyGrants account.

Step 3.Step 3

Once you have read the program guidelines, submit an application online.

Please note, Small Grants applications close during the month of December each year.

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*Members of the Dandenong Ranges Music Council, pictured above, received a grant in 2018.