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Leading the change

Council’s Gender Equity Action Plan maps out Council’s approach to integrating gender equity, considerations across policy, programs, and organisational processes.

Council is helping to prevent violence against women and children in our community by:

  • Making sporting facilities more accessible to women and girls by upgrading sporting pavilions and facilities to include unisex and shared spaces.
  • Employing a Recreation Inclusion Officer who supports sporting clubs and communities to increase inclusion and gender equity participation across all sports and clubs.
  • Supporting participation of girls and women in sport through Council’s Community Grants criteria. For example, in 2016 funding was awarded through our Small Grants Program to go towards Lilydale Cricket Club creating a new under 14 girls competition.

The benefits of promoting gender equity, as outlined in the plan, include:

  • Attracting the right employees, in the right roles at the right time
  • Reducing cost of employee turnover
  • Enhancing organisational performance by increasing diversity in the workforce
  • Minimising legal risks associated with sex discrimination and harassment claims
  • Enhancing the organisation’s reputation both to prospective employees and the community
  • Developing more effective and efficient policy due to an enhanced understanding of the diversity of community need

Council’s Gender Equity Working Group is providing advice and direction for the implementation of the action plan. The group’s action plan for 2015-17 has a focus on staff and how they can change attitudes and behaviours to result in gender equity within the workplace and services that consider gender equality.

We know that violence against women and their children is preventable and local government is uniquely placed to play a key role in the primary prevention of violence against women.

Council is responsible for creating safe and healthy environments, has the capacity to facilitate and lead community responses, can be a role model and promote gender equity in workplace practices, provides community services and can use existing structures, relationships and infrastructure to drive change.


Equality is The Game! Our Codes, Our Clubs: Changing the story to promote gender equality


Yarra Ranges, Maroondah and Knox Councils are providing resources for sporting clubs to achieve gender equality by improving pathways for girls and women to participate in sport at all levels.

The Equality is the Game video, funded by the Victorian State Government, is directed at clubs and highlights the role of clubs in preventing sexism, encouraging equal access to opportunities and preventing violence against women.

Sporting clubs can help create environments where women are safe, included, valued and can participate equally.

Gender Audit tool for clubs

For more information on how your club can help to create gender equality, see our Gender Equity Audit Tool for Sporting Clubs (PDF, 1MB) and Equality is the Game Sporting Club Committee resource (PDF, 5MB).

The Gender Equity Audit Tool is for clubs to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement to promote equality. This tool aims to assist clubs to look at different areas in the club environment, and recognise how they are going in relation to gender equality.

It includes an action plan template for clubs to record their actions to improve gender equality within their club.


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