Finding Fungi


Things you'll need for this activity

  • Your eyes
  • Yourselves - walking
  • Magnifying glass or a camera

What you'll learn in this activity 

Ages Appropriate for ages 4+

Purpose Encouraging curiosity, exploring our environment observing the wonders of our natural environment,  getting active and learning about something new.

Let's play!

Go out searching for Fungi! Now is a good time to find different types of fungi as they love to grow in the damp but when the soil is still warm.

But remember - look but don’t touch! Some types of fungi can be poisonous.

You could also look for lichen and moss growing on trees, wood or parts of the ground.

Picture2.png Picture3.png Picture4.png


Talking together


What did you notice about where you found the fungi ?  What colours, shapes and textures can you see?


  • What side of the tree does the moss or lichen grow on ?
  • I wonder why there might be more on one side than the other?
  • For older children you might ask them to think about whether fungi are plants or animals. (Hint - they’re neither!) Encourage your child to research the answer!

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