How to Tell a Story Mindfully

The word 'mindfulness' written in the sand

Telling a story mindfully encourages the listener to relax and be truly present, to engage deeply with the story, their senses and feelings. The script is best read slowly by the ‘reader’ whilst others engage with the practice.

You might like to share this story with children, your partner, family member or a friend. It’s a lovely way to slow down, connect and take care.

Let’s begin

Sit comfortably in a chair, with your back straight and head titled slightly forward. Place your feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes if you feel comfortable to do so, otherwise, find a spot you can quietly look at.

Focus on your breathe now. Going in and out.

Breathe in slowly…breathe out and see if you can make this longer. Count the breaths – 3 in, 4 out. Continue this three times. 

Is it warmer or colder as you breathe? Notice this.

Follow your breath to the bottom of your lungs. Then exhale. A big deep breath. 

Feel the relaxation coming over you.

Notice that you are comfortable and safe in your chair.

Notice which parts of your body touch the chair and relax into it.

There may be a place that you really love to go and visit. This is a place you are very relaxed in and find really restful. It may be outside or inside. (pause)

It may be by the sea, in a forest, near a river or in a garden (pause)

mindful lake mindful river mindful garden  

Perhaps you might like to take yourself there now and spend a little time; just resting (pause)

As well as focusing on your breath, notice everything you can experience with your senses. Notice all that you can see in this restful place.. (pause) 

  • and feel (pause) 
  • and hear (pause)
  • and touch (pause)
  • and smell (pause)
  • and taste (pause)

There may be something that really appeals to you there that makes you feel particularly restful… (pause)

Notice everything you can see now.

  • the colours
  • the arrangement of things
  • aromas that are special to this place
  • Notice the things you can touch; rough or smooth?
  • wet and dry
  • cold and warm
  • a breeze on your face or on your back?

Now… just rest here for a little while and hold onto this picture in your mind. Keep breathing slowly…

Enjoy this place for a few minutes.

 Finishing the story

Take one last look at this place… because we are getting ready to come back to where we actually are.

Notice every wonderful feeling you would like to bring with you into your ‘everyday’ life. Bring with you a sense of peace and restfulness. And a readiness to get on with the rest of your day.

5… easily now
4… feeling yourself gathering together
3… halfway there – wriggle your fingers and toes and feel you body returning to normal
2… nearly there.. making note of the sounds that are around you
1… open your eyes when you feel it is time to do so. 


How do you feel now?