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Support for families

We offer a range of support for children and their families across Yarra Ranges and can also put you in touch with other specialist service providers in the community.

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Preschool Field officers

Our Preschool Field officers are specialist preschool teachers who provide support to families and preschool teachers to encourage the inclusion of children with additional needs into state funded 4 year old preschool programs.

Preschool Field officers can:

  • Receive referrals from parents and preschool teachers
  • Consult and assist in the development of strategies and programs appropriate to your child's needs
  • Refer to specialist services, if required
  • Assist preschool staff to include children with additional needs into their programs
  • Provide ongoing support, resources and training for staff in government funded preschools

Supported Playgroups

Council runs free weekly Supported Playgroups in local communities across Yarra Ranges that provide eligible families with children 0- 5 years, with play and fun social experiences.  

Qualified Facilitators implement the Victorian Government’s successful smalltalk program which builds new and everyday ways to support children’s language and learning.

For more information about eligibility and to find a Supported Playgroup or Community Playgroup near you, contact the Early Years Team 1300 368 333 

Yarra Ranges Best Start

Funded by the Victorian Government, Best Start provides a range of strategic initiatives involving family and children’s service partnerships aimed at improving long term health, learning and development outcomes for children 0-8 years.

The current Best Start focus is on increasing participating rates for  Maternal and Child Health and Preschools. A range of strategies will provide support especially for families raising children in challenging circumstances.

For more information about Best Start contact the Early Years Team 1300 368 333

Linking Learning - Upper Yarra

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Linking Learning aims to improve language learning outcomes for children 0-12 years living in the Upper Yarra. It is a Victorian Government funded project that builds connections between families, early years services and schools. 

Linking Learning Yarra Ranges includes four main strategies: 

  1. Strengthen parents’ capacity to support their children’s learning.
  2. Strengthen early childhood and school educator’s knowledge of oral language and learning.
  3. Explore new and flexible ways of service delivery to reflect understanding of the needs of children and families.
  4. Improve transition to school.

 Find out more about how to support your child’s language development by:

Upcoming Linking Learning Events 

For more information about Linking Learning contact the Linking Learning Project Officer 1300 368 333 

Lets Talk about Warby - 

“Let’s Talk About Warby” started as a research project, aimed at identifying services and supports needed by families in the Warburton to Reefton area to help raise their young children (0 - 5 year old).

From October 2015 - April 2016, the Early Years Project Officer attended a range of events and activities in the Upper Yarra and spoke with local families. 

The second stage of the project aims to develop and Action Plan based on the project findings and recommendations.

For more information visit "Lets Talk about Warby" or contact the Upper Yarra Family Engagement Project Officer  1300 368 333


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