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Changing Places accessible toilet

Council has four accessible change rooms for people with severe and profound disabilities at Lillydale Lake, Monbulk Aquatic Centre, the Yarra Centre and Yarra Glen, as part of the Changing Places program.

The Changing Places movement began in the United Kingdom and involved work from a strong advocacy group to develop accessible toilet facilities for people with severe physical, multiple or intellectual disabilities.

Changing Places toilets are different to standard accessible toilets. They have extra features and more space to meet the needs of people with severe and profound disabilities.  

Changing Places toilets provide:

  • an height adjustable adult-sized changing bench
  • a ceiling hoist to help lift the person out of their wheelchair and onto change table or toilet
  • a spacious area for carer and person with a disability
  • a safe and clean environment

You will need to bring your own sling.

Find out more about Changing Places and the MetroAccess initiative.


Accessing the toilet

Two of the Changing Places sites, Yarra Glen and Lillydale Lake, are locked to counter vandalism and misuse and require an MLAK Key.

An MLAK key is a master key that fits into specially designed locks allowing 24 hour access to the facilities. 

An MLAK will open any Changing Places toilet or Liberty Swing across Australia.


Getting an MLAK

  • Council Community Links
    An MLAK is available free of charge from any of Council’s Community Links, Monday to Friday from 8.30am – 5.00pm.
  • Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia
    To apply for a permanent purchase MLAK see the Master Locksmiths website or telephone 9338 8822 

People with a disability are eligible to pick up the MLAK.

  • a doctor
  • a disability organisation
  • community health centre
  • the owner or management of a building with an accessible toilet on site.



You can find a Changing Places change room at one of the locations listed below:



Lilydale Lake, 435 Swansea Rd



Monbulk Aquatic Centre, 26 Baynes Park Road


Yarra Junction 

The Yarra Centre, 2435 Warburton Highway


Yarra Glen

McKenzie Reserve, 47 Bell Street


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