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Community Planning Step 3: Involvement

So you have done the hard bit - you have formed a group (Step 1) and learned heaps about your community (Step 2).  Now the fun begins - collecting all the great ideas and suggestions that your community members have, about how to make your community an even better place to live, work, study and play.  The trick is to ask as many people as possible, using as many different ways as possible.  Your goal is to get ideas and suggestions from 10% of your community members.  You will also be collating and organising these great ideas into key themes, and asking your community to rank them. 

Just a quick note about the 5 Steps - the steps can be taken sequentially, or they might overlap, or they might taken in a different order.  The process is up to you - it's your plan.

Step 3 typically includes some or all of the following actions:

  • organising a community event, such as a facilitated workshop or a community dinner, to brainstorm the strengths, assets and opportunities in the community; gather suggestions and ideas; and find out how people can get involved
  • reaching out to those people who are not getting involved using different methods
  • categorising ideas and suggestions into themes and link them to the information you collected in Step 2
  • ranking the themes by asking your community to vote for their top priorities
  • using social and mainstream media to promote your events, activities and surveys.
For more details, ideas and suggestions about Step 3, click here to see the Community Planning Guide (DOCX, 93KB).




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