Outdoor Eating and Entertainment Package

Outdoor table with fairy lights at night

Eligible hospitality businesses can apply for grants of $5,000 from the Victorian Government to help them prepare for COVID normal and adapt to outdoor dining and entertainment. Applications are open now. 

According to the Business Victoria website, to apply for the outdoor dining grants businesses needs to provide the following information:

Applicants must provide:

  • the registration number of their current Certificate of Registration for the premises issued by the local council under the Victorian Food Act 1984
  • the licence type and number of the relevant liquor licence, if the applicant serves alcohol to patrons
  • their WorkCover Employer Number. 

If you do not have your business registration number for your current Certificate of Registration for the business premises, you can request this information from Council's Health team on BusinessRegistrations@yarraranges.vic.gov.au

If you do not know your Workcover Employer Number, you will need to request this from Workcover.

Please note businesses will need to keep copies of receipts of all purchases they have made to expend the grant funds for two years as they may be audited. 

Learn more on the Business Victoria website.