Apply for a footpath trading permit

You need a Footpath Trading Permit if you want to place items on the footpath in front of your business.

Please use this application to apply for A-Frame signs, merchandise or furniture being placed on the footpath.

These permits are renewed annually on 31 December.

Please review our Footpath Trading Considerations before applying.

Use of Footpaths

You can apply to use the footpath area immediately in front of your business, or expand onto your neighbouring businesses footpath area. A 1.2m walkway is to be kept unobstructed for pedestrian movement along the front of the building.

Please note: you can use the footpath area in front of one neighbouring business provided:

  1. You have written permission from your neighbouring business to do so.

  2. You have taken into consideration a 1.2m gap from the front of the neighbouring business to the dining area to allow for a walkway and there is 750mm setback from the kerb to allow car doors to open.

  3. You are only using the footpath of one neighbouring business.

Footpath Trading Graphic.png


Footpath trading considerations

Items can only be placed in the permitted area while the business is trading within lawfully permitted times.

Only one A-Frame sign can be displayed in front of the premises to which it relates.

A-Frame signs must be drafted and printed in a professional manner to the satisfaction of Council.

Signs are limited to 1.2m in height and 0.75m in width.

Items must not be attached or affixed to any of the below items:

  • trees or power poles
  • VicRoads signs or roadside service signs.
  • Council fixtures, assets or anything that is under the management of Council.
  • Footpaths unless specifically authorised by the permit or otherwise in writing by an Authorised Officer of Council.

Tables and chairs are not to be in addition to the number of tables and chairs permitted inside your venue.

If you are selling/serving alcohol you will need a current Liquor Licence. If you are selling/serving food you will need a current Food Registration.

No external or internal lighting of the items is permitted.

Permits are not transferrable if you sell your business. The new proprietor must apply for a new permit.

If you want to conduct business on a VicRoads controlled road you must apply to them for approval.

To check if the road or public place is Council owned, use our road authority look up tool.


Apply for a Footpath Trading Permit using one of the options below


Step 1.Prepare your documents

Ensure you have a current Public Liability Insurance Policy for at least $10 million.

If you are selling food you will need to provide your Food Registration number. Please visit our Food Registration page for more information.

If you are applying for an A-frame sign, have a copy of the design ready to upload.

Step 2.Complete the application form online

Apply online