Buy Local

Buy Local.png

It’s always a good time to support local in Yarra Ranges, but during the Christmas season, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

There are so many special ways to make your Christmas memories in Yarra Ranges this year whether it's picking the perfect fine, picking the taste of summer at a local Cherry farm - of picking out that perfect gift from one of our retailers.

From Christmas trees to Christmas feasts, Yarra Ranges has everything you need for Christmas in your own backyard.

Another benefit of shopping locally is avoiding the postal backlogs - although if you’re planning on sending some Yarra Ranges goodness to folks further away, shop local and shop early!

Forget the crowds, queues and closed-in spaces of big shopping centres and instead soak up the charm of your local main street, or visit one of your neighbouring townships; head to the Hills, explore the Valley, or take a trip to our bustling urban centres for all of the convenience without the hassle or hustle of the city.

Have a Yarra Ranges Christmas this year, and Buy Local whenever possible.