Request a copy of title

When lodging a planning permit application, you must provide us with a full, current  (no older than 100 days) copy of title for each individual parcel of land forming the subject title.You can get a copy of title from the LandData website, follow the steps or instructional video below.

Step 1

Go to register at the top right of the page, complete the your details and click register

Step 2

Select order a copy of title or plan

Step 3

Enter the address and confirm property details

Step 4

Select the “Register search statement”  “Copy of Plan” and "instrument search" (Covenants,Caveats and Section 173 agreement) check boxes

Step 5

Select next and follow the payment prompts. The receipt and documents will be sent to you on separate emails.


Visit LandData website >



Need help? Watch our video guide below.

If you have any difficulties please call Landata on (03) 9194 0605. Alternatively, a conveyancer or solicitor can help you get a copy of title.