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Register of Delegations

Council delegates some powers, duties and functions to Council officers to effectively and efficiently carry out its business.  This is formalised through a written Instrument of Delegation.

The Local Government (General) Regulations 2015 requires Council to make available a register of delegations kept under sections 87(1) and 98(4) of the Local Government Act 1989, including the date on which the last review under sections 86(6) and 98(6) took place.

Instrument Details Date effective
 S5 Instrument of Delegation from Council to the Chief Executive Officer (PDF, 67KB) 25/01/2017
 S6 Instrument of Delegation from Council to Staff (PDF, 625KB) 09/08/2017
 S7 Instrument of Sub-Delegation from the Chief Executive Officer to Staff (PDF, 1MB) 18/09/2017
 S12 Instrument of Delegation from the Municipal Building Surveyor (PDF, 455KB) 23/08/2017
 S14 Chief Executive Officer Sub-Delegation (VicSmart) (PDF, 123KB) 08/09/2017

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