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Know Your Council: Waste collection

The Know Your Council website highlights how Council provides kerbside waste collection services to the community including garbage and recyclables.

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  • What happens to my rubbish after it's collected?

    What happens to my rubbish after it's collected?

    Collecting household rubbish, recycling and green waste is one of Council's important roles.

    Each week we collect from some 58,000 properties spanning from Kilsyth to Warburton, to Healesville or the Dandenong Ranges.

    Because the Yarra Ranges is so large, the cost of transporting waste is enormous.

    The cost to Council of disposing of rubbish has increased in recent years. The State Government levies Council $58 per tonne of waste which is up 500% in recent years.

    As a result, the cost of disposing of waste, including illegally dumped rubbish, costs Council $2m a year.

  • Where can I get rid of my unwanted goods?

    Where can I get rid of my unwanted goods?

    Kerbside collections

    Council provides a kerbside rubbish collection each week, kerbside recycling each fortnight and a fortnightly green waste collection in many areas.

    Hardwaste collection

    There is a hardwaste collection once a year from January to April. Find out when your collection is.

    Bundled branches collection

    We have a bundled branches collection in November and December. Find out when your collection is.

    Chemical disposal

    You can get rid of paint tins, compact fluorescent globes and batteries for free at Coldstream Tip. We also participate in Sustainability Victoria's mobile Detox Your Home program. Learn more.

    Visiting the tip

    For a fee, you can also take your unwanted goods to one of our tips. Find out where they are located.

    But did you know there are many things you can get rid of for free? Here's a suggested list.

    1. Metal
    2. Car batteries
    3. Cardboard
    4. Plastic toys
    5. Books
    6. Magazines
    7. Aerosol cans
    8. Computers (Coldstream tip only)
    9. Televisions (Coldstream tip only)
    10. 10. Batteries
    11. 11. Household paint (Coldstream tip only)
    12. 12. Scrap metal
    13. 13. Mobile phones
    14. 14. Paper
    15. 15. Fluorescent lights (Coldstream tip only)

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