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Know Your Council: Roads

The Know Your Council website looks at the network of sealed local roads which Council maintains.

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  • What are we doing to manage local roads?

    What are we doing to manage local roads?

    There are 2302km of roads in the Yarra Ranges including 757km of unsealed roads.

    Council is responsible for local roads and VicRoads are responsible for main roads, including highways. 533km of Yarra Ranges roads are maintained by VicRoads.

    If you are unsure if your road is managed by Council or VicRoads, There is a list you can check on our roads web page.

    The size of our road network posses some challenges. Our team receives customer requests each year to fix pot holes, sweep, clean up oil and other spills, mark lines and fix surface defects.

    Maintenance on unsealed roads is completed two to six times a year. Dust suppressant is applied to some of our unsealed roads during December and January to bind the road surface and minimise dust.

    As well as responding to customer requests, we have a road management plan which you can view online. This outlines how we manage local roads.

    Council understands roads are important so this year has budgeted $16.44 million to build new roads and improvements existing ones. Footpaths and cycleways will receive $4.87 million.




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