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Know Your Council: Food Safety

The Know Your Council website includes the food safety services Council provides to the community including registrations, education, monitoring, inspections and compliance.

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  • How is Council invovled in food safety?

    How is Council invovled in food safety?

    Our public health team inspects all our food businesses at least once a year to ensure they comply with regulations which make eating out safe.

    Food inspection is important to us and Council is focused on ensuring all food premises are followed up after a major or critical non-conformance outcome is detected, to protect residents and visitors from the risk of unsafe food.

     If we detect critical non-compliance we make sure we follow up within 48 hours. Any major non-compliance is followed up within 90 days.

    All 852 registered food premises received at least one mandatory inspection in the 2017 calendar year. Some premises were inspected multiple times.

    All food complaints including food poisoning, food adulteration and food safety and hygiene issues at food premises during 2017 were responded to within two working days of receipt of the complaint. Ten out of the 52 requests were actioned within one working day.

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