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Flexible Future Strategy

Flexible Future Strategy cover - colleagues working in the background. Employee standing in the foreground smiling
Yarra Ranges will be a high performing organisation that collaborates and innovates to deliver exceptional customer focused services.

The Flexible Future Strategy guides Yarra Ranges’ transformation to become a High Performing Organisation.

This Strategy is the lead organisational strategy for Yarra Ranges and has been developed to support Council’s vision and values. This Strategy allows Council to be clear about the future. It provides an assessment of where Council is now, where it is headed and the things needed to get there. In doing that, this strategy sets the change agenda for the organisation.

It serves to focus Council’s efforts in the areas most needed to achieve success and deliver services in the most effective way to our community. It sets out Council’s vision and approach to transforming the way we think, work and deliver to ensure we are delivering exceptional customer focused services.

The goals and flagship projects are listed below.


  1. Our leaders are accountable for shaping our future and our people. They build a culture of trust, empowerment and innovation.
  2. Our strategic planning, governance and financial frameworks are robust, transparent and sustainable. We deliver the right mix of services.
  3. We plan the capture and use of data, apply systems thinking and inform our decisions with evidence and insight.
  4. Our people are capable, empowered and engaged. They are supported by a work environment that inspires dynamic, collaborative and adaptable working.
  5. We understand and satisfy our customers, foster strong relationships and deliver high value services that meet community needs.
  6. We constantly innovate to improve customer experience and design processes that are digital first, efficient, transparent and supported by contemporary technology.
  7. Our organisation is courageous and outcomes-focused, evaluates and improves its performance. We are transparent about success and failure. 

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Supporting projects

  • Activity Based Working Project
    The Activity Based Working project will see the organisation shift to a new way of working within an activity-based working environment.
  • Enterprise Systems Project
    This project will involve the selection and implementation of a fit for purpose ‘whole of organisation’ enterprise systems solution to improve customer service delivery.
  • Equip Service Transformation Project
    The Equip program will implement key elements of the Flexible Future Strategy to teams of Council employees.
  • Performance Dashboards for Leaders
    The Performance Dashboards for Leaders project will provide Council leaders with a visual display of how their business is performing.
  • Customer Request Process Transformation Project
    This project will re-design Council’s customer request processes to improve customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Data Governance Framework
    This project will review the current state of Council’s data and design principles, standards and governance across all key corporate data and information needs.

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Our project achievements so far

To date, this strategy has seen the following projects delivered:

  • Leading Together Program
    The Leading Together Program was an 18 month multi-stream program aimed at preparing leaders with the capability required to lead and sponsor transformational change.
  • Customer Experience Strategy
    The development of a Customer Experience Strategy has been an integrated whole-of-organsation set of strategic goals, priorities and actions developed to create easy, consistent and accessible customer experiences. This strategy is now being implemented.
  • Smarter Process Network Project
    The Smarter Process Network Project improved the quality and effectiveness of our processes through building a complete picture of our complex network of customer processes, prioritising these for redesign and identifying initiatives to further build a culture of continual process improvement.
  • Digital Strategy
    The development of a Digital Strategy and Roadmap has resulted in a clear strategic approach for the organisations digital transformation to build better, more efficient services and a more effective organisation. This strategy is now being implemented.

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How will we keep this up to date?

We will regularly review the progress and outcomes of this strategy to assess how we are tracking.It is a living document and it will be adjusted as needed to ensure it remains contemporary and achieves our vision.

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