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Planning Certificates

A planning certificate is an official document issued under the Planning & Environment Act 1987.

The information provided in the certificate details the provisions of the Yarra Ranges Planning Scheme that affect a piece of land. Planning certificates normally form part of a 'Section 32' or Sale of Land Act documentation.

The certificate includes:

  • the zoning of land
  • overlays affecting the property
  • whether land abuts a road zone (a major road)
  • where applicable, details on the urban growth boundary
  • any planning scheme amendment(s) affecting the land.

How do I apply for a Planning Certificate?

Applications must be made in writing using the Planning Certificate Application Form and include:

  • Planning Certificate Application Form
  • Fee of $18.20
  • A copy of title (less than 100 days old)

 You can lodge your application for a planning certificate in person at any Community Link or by mail.

Need Help?

If you have any enquiries about planning or wish to make an appointment to talk to one of our Planners before you lodge your application please contact Planning Services by phone on 9294 6222, by fax 9735 4249 or email.

Our planners also visit the Healesville, Yarra Junction and Upwey Community Links each week. To make an appointment simply contact your nearest Community Link.

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