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Food Registration

If your business or community group at any time sell food to the public, under the Food Act, you must either register or lodge a notification with the principal council (council your business or community group is located) and operate in accordance with the National Food Safety Standards. Note: Food is defined as being food and/or beverages for human consumption.

Our Environmental Health Officers carry out regular inspections and are responsible for making sure food premises comply with the standards. These include:

  • restaurants, cafés, take-aways, wineries 
  • bed and breakfasts
  • supermarkets, delicatessens, greengrocers
  • motels, hotels 
  • child care centres, aged care facilities
  • milkbars, convenience stores, liquor stores
  • school and sports club canteens
  • food vehicles, caterers
  • market and food stalls
  • water carters

Food Classification

All food premises, including temporary premises at events or markets, are grouped into four class groups depending on your food activities and risk. Premises that fall into Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 require registration. Class 4 food premises are only required to notify their council.  See the Classification Scale for more information. 

Exemptions apply to premises that provide food to the public without charge eg Soup Kitchens, or not for the furtherance of trade. If unsure, contact Public Health on 1300 368 333.

Renewal of Registration

Food registrations are issued for 1 calendar year.  To trade the next year, proprietor(s) must apply to renew their food registrations prior to the end of each year (31 December) if proprietor(s) wish to trade the following year.  See the Proprietor's Fact Sheet for this and other requirements.


Temporary and Mobile Food Premises, Water Carters

If trading at a temporary location(s) or from mobile food vehicle(s) you need to apply on Streatrader - a statewide website.

For first time users, check with your organisation or group to make sure you don't already have your details lodged on Streatrader. If not, then proceed to:

  • enter the Streatrader website
  • create your log in and password
  • enter your registration / notification details
  • lodge Statements of Trade to advise councils where you will be trading

Once your application has been approved, you can lodge future Statements of Trade against that registration / notification.

Classification is based on your activities at these temporary locations. Please Note: If you do preparation of food at a fixed premises or you are also required to register this premises.

For more information visit the Streatrader website.

IMPORTANT: Trading on council property or public land eg. footpath, street or roadside, park, etc., may also require a permit from the Local Laws department. See Roadside/Public Place Trading webpage for more information or contact Local Laws ph: 1300 368 333.

For enquiries, contact the Public Health team on 1300 368 333 or email

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