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Preparing for Storms

Storms occur regularly in the Yarra Ranges, no matter what time of year it is. Some storms may affect the entire area, while others may just affect specific parts. For current warnings please visit the Bureau of Meteorology.

Protection From Severe Storms

In the event of a storm you should:

  • Have your emergency kit handy
  • Clear or secure loose objects from around your yard and house
  • Clean and check roof, guttering and down pipes
  • Have masking tape available for glass, plastic sheeting and large garbage bags for rain protection
  • Listen to your local radio station for information
  • Make sure pets and animals are secure and have shelter
  • Move vehicles into garages or under shelter
  • Disconnect electrical appliances

During The Storm

  • Avoid using the telephone
  • Stay well clear of windows and shelter in the strongest part of the house, e.g. bathroom
  • Seek shelter if you get caught outdoors (not under trees)

After The Storm

  • Check for damage to your house
  • Continue to listen to the radio for information
  • If you need assistance contact the SES on 13 25 00 or 000 if the situation is life threatening
  • Check on your neighbours
  • Beware of fallen powerlines, trees, damaged buildings and other hazards
  • Don't leave your home unless it's absolutely necessary

Lightning Storms

Be prepared

  • Check with your local electrical provider for advice on electrical surges
  • Have your emergency safety kit on hand
  • Keep a list of emergency service numbers on hand

Act safe

If caught outdoors:

  • Seek helter in a vehicle with a hard top or a solid building. Never shelter under trees
  • Don't shelter under trees.
  • If there is no shelter close by crouch down, don't lie flat
  • Avoid metal objects such as ladders, umbrellas, fences and clotheslines
  • Make sure pets are in a safe, secure place

If indoors:

  • Disconnect computers, televisions and other electrical devices
  • Avoid using fixed telephones unless essential
  • Keep clear of windows
  • Avoid metal fixtures such as roofs, guttering, down pipes and taps

After the lightning

  • Keep your radio tuned to local media for weather updates
  • Make sure your family and immediate neighbours are
  • Check major appliances are working and there is no damage to the fuse box

Last Updated: 23/05/2011
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