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How many pets can I have on my property?

Number of Animals Allowed Without A Permit

A person must not, without a permit, keep on any Premises any more than two (2) cats or two (2) dogs. 

In addition:

  • A Person must not, without a permit, keep on any land a rooster, goose, turkey, peafowl, cockatoo or galah or any other bird that is not a domestic bird on Premises in a Residential area.
  • Farm animals must not, without a permit, be kept on Premises in a Residential area.  Farm animals include: horses, cattle, donkey, mule, cow, bull, steer, sheep, pig, goat, ox, ostrich, emu, alpaca and any other animal kept for harvest of fleece, hide or meat; irrespective of whether the animal is kept as a companion animal.

What if I want to keep more animals?

If you want to keep more than the allowable number of animals on your property you can apply for an Animal Permit.

How do I apply for a permit?

You can download the Animal Permit application form or pick up a copy at one of our Community Links.

Completed application forms, together with relevant fees should be lodged in person at one of the Community Links or returned by mail to PO Box 105, Lilydale 3140.

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