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Vision 2020

Vision 2020 is a shared vision of the Yarra Ranges community. It is an optomistic statement of what we hope for and aspire to in the future, for both people and places.

Vision 2020 is based on the simple idea if we decide as a community where we are going, chances are we will get there. Only by working with the entire Yarra Ranges community can Vision 2020 be realised.

Vision 2020 was developed in partnership with the community and identifies their needs and aspirations for the future. Vision 2020 is regularly reviewed by the community. The last review was undertaken in 2008/09 and for the first time involved young people and children.

You can view the Vision 2020 - Community plan using the links on this page.

For a copy of Vision 2020 or for more information contact us on 1300 368 333 or email. You can also pick up a copy from any Community Link

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