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There are more than 50 shopping strips and centres in the Yarra Ranges. We work closely with the various trader and chamber of commerce groups to promote and support strong working relations between businesses and local communities.

Retail shopping centres continue to play an important role in the local community. They are major employers and significant contributors to the character and functioning of the area.

RECHARGE your way to new business

People who have electric mobility aids can often need to charge their vehicle for their trip home. The RECHARGE scheme encourages businesses to provide a power point for customers using an electric mobility vehicle to recharge their batteries. If your business offers this you can apply for a RECHARGE sticker to place on your window.

Loading zones

Loading zones are provided for pick up or delivery of loads or people close to their destination and not for short term parking.

These vehicles can use loading zones while picking up or dropping off loads and passengers:

  • a public passenger vehicle, taxi or other commercial vehicle
  • trucks, vans, utilities and other vehicles constructed for carrying loads
  • sedan, station wagon, motor cycles and other similar delivery or courier vehicles with a permanent sign on both sides of the body of the vehicle.

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Shopping in the Yarra Ranges
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